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Respond to these rapid questions in our The Bad Guys quiz and we will tell you which The Bad Guys character you are. Play it now.

The animated comedy “The Bad Guys” starts out with lighthearted humor and a sun-drenched ambiance that screams Southern California cool.

The kind of conversation that a wolf named Wolf and a snake named Snake are having at a vintage L.A. cafe is probably one that they have had countless times over their friendship. They jostle, tug, and push each other around with good humor. They stand up after that and calmly cross the street to rob a bank. All of this is presented by first-time feature film director Pierre Perifel in one extended, single take, instantly capturing our interest in these people and their setting. It’s a very common setup, a whole subgenre: hyper-verbal crooks entice viewers to join them on their robbery and cheer them on as they carry off their largest theft yet. At the very least, this wants to be a scaly, hairy version of Quentin Tarantino or Elmore Leonard. But it’s a smart change to watch such a tale animated, with a voice cast that includes Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Zazie Beetz, and Awkwafina among many others.

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The Bad Guys’ strongest sequence is right at the beginning, and it shows a lot of potential. The fast-talking, wisecracking energy that was once so infectious, however, becomes more and more strained as the plot develops and reaches its frantic end.
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The film “The Bad Guys,” which is based on the Aaron Blabey children’s graphic novel series, follows a group of merry criminals who play up their rap as the bad guys of the animal kingdom for thrills and money. Their charismatic leader, Wolf (voiced by a silky Rockwell), is unmistakably reminiscent of Danny Ocean. He is frequently likened to George Clooney (in case the parallels weren’t clear). The irritable yet devoted safecracker is called Snake (a gruff, earthy Marc Maron). Although Shark (Craig Robinson) is an ardent master of disguise, it’s always completely clear that he is a shark. Tarantula (Awkwafina) is a quick and clever hacker, and this is a job where having eight limbs would be quite helpful. And the major talent the irritable Piranha (Anthony Ramos) seems to have is toxic farts, which initially appears to be a cheap joke intended to amuse children in the audience but ends up being a surprisingly strong theme in the narrative written by Etan Cohen (“Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa”). (It is nevertheless disgusting.)

The Bad Guys Quiz

The legendary Bad Guys resolve to clean up their act with the assistance of the renowned, altruistic guinea pig Professor Marmalade (a cheerful Richard Ayoade) after they are caught trying to steal a priceless statue from a fancy gala in order to escape going to jail. Our first indication that perhaps not everything is as straightforward as it looks comes from the little, pretentious rodent, who resides in a massive, cliffside home fit for a Bond villain. The governor, Diane Foxington (Beetz), who wants to see them go straight and also enjoys flirting with Wolf, offers the group some protection. Wolf’s plan calls for the Terrible Guys to deceive everyone into believing they have changed for the better while still being… bad. All right?
Also, you will find out which character are you in this The Bad Guys quiz.

The physical comedy is at its most creative when it subtly plays with the natural instincts of these anthropomorphized creatures, such as the way Snake sheds his skin mid-heist or how Tarantula walks across a fingerprinting pad when the gang is booked into jail. The animation is vibrant and lively—almost ceaseless, really—and the physical comedy. As part of his rehabilitation, the group’s leader is made to wear a cute lamb onesie for a sizable portion of the movie, giving the audience a literal glimpse of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. At first, it’s funny and makes me smile.

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However, the early swagger and zip have worn off, and the belly feels sagging. However, there are some insightful ideas about second chances, atonement, and changing people’s perspectives in order to become the best version of oneself that can be found here. Although it sounds simple, the script handles these themes intelligently. Kids are encouraged by “The Bad Guys” to at the very least not judge a book by its cover and perhaps even read a book about these characters later on.
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