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Do you want to know which Spider-Man best fits your personality? This MCU quiz quickly determines whether you are Tobey, Tom, or Andrew. To discover out, respond to 20 personality quiz questions.

A Spider-Man MCU Test to Determine Your Identity

In the last ten years, three different actors have portrayed the same Marvel superhero. The crucial query, however, is “Which one is similar to you?”

Even though they all performed the same part, each performer added something unique to the world. For instance, Tom Holland made Spider-Man seem more teen-like, silly, and enjoyable. While Andrew Garfield’s portrayal was more assured and experienced. And Tobey’s portrayal of Peter Parker was the most accurate in terms of humour.

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Who are you: Tom, Andrew, or Tobey?

The test’s objective is to identify which actor’s portrayal of Peter Parker most closely reflects your personality. To make it simpler for you to find your ideal partner, we produced extensive profiles for each boy. In addition, you’ll get more details on your outcomes.

How to Take the Spider-Man Quiz

You answer three sets of questions, each of which probes a different aspect of your general character. We use your scores to determine which Spider-Man you are and to provide further breakdowns. Here is the information you need to know about each test step.

Skills and Abilities

Although they are all Spider-Men, Andrew, Tom, and Tobey’s characters each have unique skills. The most recent Peter Parker is more technologically advanced, but the other two appear to be more skilled in one-on-one combat. We’ll examine your abilities and contrast them with the three characters’ capabilities in order to fine-tune the test results.

Conduct Analysis

The test findings might be impacted by your sense of humour, social contacts, and even everyday routines. We carefully consider your characteristics to determine which Spider-Man you are and why. For instance, Tobey’s Peter Parker would never confront bullies in school like Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker did. Again, something the other two actors would never do, Tom Holland’s character was enamoured by Iron-Man and never shied away from expressing his admiration for the superhero.

maturity assessment

How Can I Tell Which Spider-Man I Am?

You might not be interested in taking a quiz to determine which Spider-Man you are. And it’s all right. With a few easy procedures, you can still identify which actor you most closely resemble in real life. Find the one that most closely describes you after reading the descriptions below. It’s the quickest—but less precise—method of finding your MCU match.

Tobey Maguire, first

Tobey is the ideal partner if you’re a timid, shy, geeky, and introverted person. He is the sort of Spider-Man who has trouble coping with social situations and ordinary issues. As a superhero, Tobey’s Peter Parker is courageous, selfless, and dependable. He isn’t the popular child in school or at work, albeit he is a teenager.

However, he is incredibly brilliant and finds it simple to solve challenging scientific puzzles. It also suggests that you lack a discernible sense of humour and tend to keep things serious and professional if you scored the same as Tobey Maguire on the test.

Andrew Garfield, #2

When asked which Peter Parker they were, a lot of fans would respond, “I’m the AMAZING Spider-Man.” The superhero version that Andrew Garfield portrayed was less reclusive, more self-assured, and moderately endearing. The least about his personality resembles the absurd description of Peter. But he had a lot of admirers who embraced his new image as the web-shooting child.

In the quiz, matching Andrew indicates that you are confident, charming, and sarcastic.

Tom Holland, #3

As the youngest Spider-Man in history, Tom Holland is currently a favourite Marvel figure among fans. He is less shy and geeky than Tobey. He lacks Andrew’s charisma and confidence, though. He is the ideal balance. And Stan Lee once acknowledged that when he initially described the character, he had Tom Holland in mind.

Asking fans today, “Which Spider-Man are you?” “Tom Holland,” the majority of them would gladly say. He has portrayed a Spider-Man who is emotive, lovable, clumsy, hilarious, and occasionally obnoxious. His appeal among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also due to his compatibility and friendship with Iron-Man.

Who is the best Spider-Man?

There aren’t many other MCU superheroes who have been portrayed by multiple actors. In light of this, Spider-predicament Man’s begs the important question, “Which one does the job better?” The other entrants have won some admirers despite the affection for the original Peter Parker.

But before you take the test, allow me to give you a little analogy.


Peter Parker, a superhero from the Marvel universe, is shown as a geeky boy dealing with money problems and some understandable difficulties in school. In light of this, Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of the character bears the least resemblance to the original Spider-Man. The most accurate Peter Parker is actually Tobey’s. (Tome Holland’s interpretation lies somewhere in the middle.)


Again, Tobey’s portrayal of Spider-Man is the most comically realistic. Tom Holland, however, has been the most modern and, in the eyes of fans, the coolest Peter Parker. In-between is Andrew’s interpretation.


Spider-Man: No Way Home, the franchise’s most recent release, is now ranked among the top 250 movies of all time on IMDB (currently at the 16th spot). It is therefore obvious which version has gained more traction. According to the box office and statistics, Tom Holland is the best-selling and most favoured Spider-Man, while Andrew Garfield is the least popular.


In most categories, it appears that Tom’s Peter Parker can outperform the other two. Tobey, though, continues to be one of the most wistful superheroes ever.

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