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What GTA character are you, by the way? If you want to find out if you are CJ, Trevor Philips, Niko Bellic, Tommy Vercetti, or someone else, take this 20-question gameplay and personality test. astonishingly accurate

Here is the Most Laughably Accurate GTA Quiz

It’s unlikely, yet it could happen, to wonder which Grand Theft Auto character you are. We thus developed an amusing, oddball quiz that compares you to one of the game’s heroes.

In all honesty, the exam reminds us of our Mario Character Quiz. Instead, it is in no way kid-friendly. The inquiries are as absurd as the GTA universe itself. So when reacting to some, be prepared for your brows to furrow.

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Which character are you? Find out.

The goal of the GTA quiz is to match you with the ideal main character. The top players in the game are all listed in our database (including both good and bad ones). Your responses enable us to create an accurate matching profile by comparing your information to our database.

Meet your best buddy and crush.

You won’t learn this from any other GTA Character Quiz. However, both your best buddy and your in-game partner are made public. We can determine which other characters would get along with you based on your characteristics. It’s also possible that we fail to match you with any pals or crushes. How likeable, sociable, and amiable you would be in the game’s setting will determine the outcomes.

Get a clever comparison about playstyle.

The key inquiry is which GTA character you are. We are aware of this. However, I have one more amusing fact to share about you: PLAYSTYLE.

Who are you as a Grand Theft Auto player? Who has more weapons than the USA Army, the player who mistook the game for Forza Horizon, or the youngster who runs and punches every pedestrian in the face to death? Our quiz provides rather accurate answers to those questions.

Get a personality analysis.

You are, after all, completing a personality test. Regardless of how ridiculous the questions are, they are meant to bring out your genuine personality. By the time the test is over, we have a good idea of the type of person you are, and we share that information with you. Compared to your GTA persona, it might not be an exact match. But we also give our reasoning for why we believe your persona resembles a specific protagonist or antagonist in the game.

Which GTA Character Are You, and How Do You Know? (Sans a Test)

Maybe you’re not the type to enjoy filling out personality tests. And it’s all right. Which GTA character am I? can be answered using yet another archaic technique. In order to determine which protagonist you most closely resemble in real life, you must read each protagonist’s profile individually.

It is neither a precise nor a time-saving strategy. Therefore, since the quiz just only a few minutes to complete, we do advise taking it instead.

#1. CJ

Which GTA character are you, I hear you ask? Most traditionalists would choose CJ. He is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable figures in history. Carl Johnson, in contrast to other GTA protagonists, is a chill, cool, and even repentant guy. He doesn’t appear to be as violent as some others and always offers his adversaries a second chance.

If you scored the same as him on the Grand Theft Auto personality test, you’re friendly and extroverted. People can trust you easily, and they can count on your commitment forever.

Tommy Vercetti, #2

Tommy is a timeless film. He increased the appeal of GTA characters by his personality, actions, and backstory. He is, however, a notoriously aggressive and irrational killer. Tommy loves his family dearly and does have a warm spot for them. But that doesn’t stop you from brutally murdering adversaries.

You get quickly annoyed if your GTA personality is Tommy. But you also try your best not to lose your temper. Another detail about you is that you hate working for others. Having your own business and taking care of your own thing sounds like a life goal. And you do everything in your power to achieve it—just like the Harwood Butcher himself.

Third: Trevor Philips

When asked which GTA character they are, not many fans would respond, “I’m Trevor.” That’s because he’s a crazy, psychotic, psychologically ill individual. He is not a disciplined or responsible person despite having been a pilot in the military. Instead, he has evolved into a monster that is willing to kill people for as little money as possible.

If the name of this person appeared in your GTA quiz results, you ought to seek therapy. Trevor is f-ed up, which is why. (On the other hand, it’s simply a test. Take the results with a grain of salt and try not to take it personally.

Fourth: Niko Bellic

When GTA IV debuted and the 7th generation of consoles was released, everyone was enthralled. Niko was described in his introduction as a war survivor who carries a great deal of shame. He has a strong sense of duty and would give his life to protect those he loves. But like many other Grand Theft Auto characters, he has the potential to turn violent under certain circumstances, particularly if his family is under danger.

You are a self-conscious person if you took the test simply to see Niko on your results. You are concerned with morality in general. But you’re perplexed by the idea of good and bad.

Which Characters Are Left?

Some of history’s most enduring figures have first appeared in the Grand Theft Auto series. Consider Big Smoke, Lamar Davis, Lester, Franklin, and Toni Cipriani. (The list could go on and on.) However, none of the four whose descriptions you just read may be your true match. Instead, take the GTA quiz to improve your chances of discovering which character you are. We guarantee that the outcomes won’t let you down.

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