Quiz: Which Starseed Are You? Based on 20 Signs

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Do you ever ponder which Starseed you are when you look at the stars? Find out if you are a Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, or another race in this 20-question Starseed test.

A Starseed is what or who?

A highly developed soul that comes from the stars or higher realms of intelligence is known as a starseed. Such a person has an open cosmic consciousness that can comprehend things that exist in other worlds. However, because we are all composed of star dust, all people are technically Starseeds.

Starseed Test Explanation

You can learn which Starseed you are by answering a series of questions about your personality, spirituality, and intelligence.

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The test is intended for people who have questions like, “Is my soul made of stars?” or “Why do I not feel like I am a part of the Earth?” By taking it, you can examine your traits and life experiences to determine whether you have connections to higher intellectual domains.

We advise completing our Soul Age Quiz as well if you want the most accurate results. The two questionnaires work well together.

the test’s questions and responses

The free Starseed Quiz provides thorough findings with useful data. The primary lessons you pick up from taking it are listed below.

What type of Starseed are you?

There are over 20 different kinds of Starseeds. It’s therefore difficult for you to evaluate everything and choose which group you fit into. We have compiled a database of every known Indigo and divided them into easily recognisable groups. Because of this, it’s the fastest approach to find your ancestors and establish a connection with them.

What is the reason you are here?

The goal of the Starseed Quiz is to disclose your soul’s mission for visiting this planet. Every individual with an extraterrestrial origin is thought to have a purpose or mission. Finding out what it is and how to service it, however, is not that simple. The test, however, aids in your understanding of why you are here and how to fully awaken all of your skills in order to complete your task (s).

Are you a Lightworker or a Starseed?

Contrary to popular belief, Lightworker and Starseed are not the same thing. A word used to describe souls with many interplanetary origins is the first. The latter, however, is a catch-all term for any soul having a cosmic origin. The quiz’s advantage is that it can determine whether you are a Lightworker or another kind of Starseed.

Signs Your Soul Is a Star-born Being

You can determine if you are linked to higher echelons of intelligence, despite the difficulty. You should be on the lookout for clues that you don’t belong on this mortal planet.


Starseeds are extremely delicate people. They are vulnerable to injury because of their empathy. So you might be one if you think the world is frustrating and overwhelming.

Psychic prowess

You may possess psychic abilities that most people lack, or you may have an open third eye. Starseeds have the ability to unleash their cosmic powers and put them to use in carrying out their tasks.

Healing abilities

The majority of Starseeds are natural healers due to their intergalactic essence. Others benefit from and recover more quickly due to their energy. However, it takes some time for individuals to master their abilities and use them purposefully.


Most Starseeds at some point ponder the question “Am I a daydreamer?” They devote a lot of time to explore their active imaginations, which explains this.

Feeling distant

Feeling like you don’t belong on Earth is a classic symptom of being a Starseed. Most spirits need time and effort to adjust to a new environment and discover their purpose (s). So, before realising your true nature, you can be cut off from your community for a period.

How to Determine Your Starseed Type Without a Test?

The quickest way get a trustworthy response is to take the test. But for whatever reason, you might not like it. If yes, use the next several steps to figure out which star your soul actually comes from.

#1: Learn about the many Starseed varieties.

Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, Orion, Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal Children, Lightworker, Lemurian, and Atlantean, Maldek, Feline and Lyran, Blue Ray, Venusian, Reptilian, and Draconian are a few well-known Starseed subtypes.

These celebrities all conjure up distinct characteristics and personalities. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly examine them if you want to determine which Starseed you are.

Second, search for Starseed marks.

Your birthmarks are reminders of your identity as a Starseed and the place your soul originated. However, finding them is quite difficult. To accurately check for and identify your insignia, you might wish to seek the advice of an experienced expert.

Third, meditate to reawaken your soul.

Finding the source of your soul can be accomplished through awakening your cosmic consciousness. It necessitates ongoing spiritual development and meditation. But when you do, you get the answers to some of your most pressing queries. The best course of action for you is to ask for advice and let a reputable spiritual coach lead you through the procedure.

If you’re confused, take the Starseed Quiz.

Are you still unsure and unsure of where to begin? You need to fill out the Starseed questionnaire on this page. It gives a rational framework for examining all of your past indications and experiences. And based on your report, it can offer correct findings.


Headaches, hearing or seeing things, and feeling lost are a few symptoms that could indicate a significant mental or physical disease. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult a doctor if you suffer them frequently. Don’t assume that since you are a Starseed, you are having a spiritual experience.

This page’s quiz is designed to help you learn more about the origins of your soul while also providing entertainment. It should not be modified or used for other purposes.

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