Quiz: Am I Gen Z or Millennial? Based on 2022 Factors

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Are you perplexed and asking yourself, “Am I a Millennial or a Gen Z?” This test will reveal your genuine GEN by testing your personality, historical memory, and interests.

How to Determine Your Generation (Z or Millennial)

You are a member of the Centennials and a member of Gen-Z if you were born between 1997 and 2012. You were most likely born between 1981 and 1996, making you the offspring of Millennial (also known as Generation Y) parents. While Millennials are risk-takers, ambitious, and self-centered, Gen-Zers are creative, open-minded, and sensitive.

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A Personality Test to Determine Your Generation

You are not necessarily born into a generation because of your race, since it is not just about your birth date. German sociologist Karl Mannheim thinks that generational proximity unites and homogenizes people. “A generation’s cumulative experience is shared by all members of that generation.” They may feel related or relatable because of this.

So, despite knowing by numbers and statistics which generation you belong to, you may still feel alienated. If so, your generation’s experience as a whole doesn’t match yours, and a personality test could help you identify your genuine peers.

Find out which of the six current generations in America you are a part of.

The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Gen-Z, and Generation Alpha are the six American generations that are currently in existence.

Regardless of your age, the questionnaire helps you identify which one you relate to. While one of the key considerations in the exam is your birth date, it is not the only one. Therefore, it is very conceivable to be 18 years old and still feel like a member of the oldest generation in America. (This is why the majority of participants can relate to the findings and spread them among their peers.)

Learn how it influences your personality and choices.

Is it true that I’m a Millennial or a member of Generation Z? And we succeed. But don’t you want to know how your life might have been altered by the answer? With the help of our quiz, we can examine your personality and look for traits specific to your generation and its experiences. By doing so, you’ll be able to see just how much you adore your generation.

Learn interesting details about your generation.

There are many parallels because of our shared era. And these parallels lead to statistics and facts. For instance, Millennials are less traditional when it comes to young people utilizing social media. That’s because the majority of them were born as it was growing. Baby Boomers and members of the Silent Generation, on the other hand, favor traditions and detest an over-reliance on technology.

Five characteristics distinguish Gen-Zers from Millennials.

Your personality traits, firsthand knowledge of important historical events, interests, idols, and technology can all reveal your generational identity.

First, character qualities.

Your qualities are influenced by the generation in which you were raised. Young people are frequently liberal, but older ones tend to be more conservative.

#2. The recollection of the past.

The horrible events of 9/11 will live on in the minds of Gen-X. People who were born before 1945 could recall what happened after JFK was shot. And Gen-Z will remember how K-pop flourished in spite of the pandemic. These memories are important determinants of generation.

3. Favorites and repulsions

When someone enquires, “Am I a Millennial or a Gen-Z?” Understanding their interests is essential. According to data, people who share a decade of birth tend to have similar likes and dislikes. For instance, the Silent Generation loves the fictional character Zorro. But because it was made in 1919, members of the Greatest Generation (1901–1927) also appreciated it.

Idols and famous people, #4.

Your heroes and crushes on famous people can reveal if you are a Gen-Z or Millennial. The Net Generation, often known as Gen-Y, was obsessed with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift while the iGen is all about K-pop and liberal vocalists like Billie Eilish.

5. Iconic instruments.

Asking yourself “Am I Gen-Z or Millennial?” is pointless if you previously owned a first-generation iPod because you belong to the latter group. Whether you like it or not, the technology you use is representative of our generation. Even if your grandpa doesn’t have a laptop, he may be healthy. But it’s likely that you can’t even picture living without these gadgets.

Why Do People Wonder If They Are Gen-Z or Millennial?

People are curious about their generation because it undoubtedly has an impact on their social lives. Some people even contend that it influences your professional choices and the vibe you project. However, you should be aware that generational distinctions are just as arbitrary as physical boundaries. If you stop thinking about them, they may not signify anything at all.

9 Strong Signals You are NOT a Millennial; you are a Gen-Zer

The Centennial generation and Gen Y do not share all of the same personality traits and soft skills. These characteristics are frequently used by sociologists to distinguish between the two groups.

Your ability to focus is quite limited.

“Gen Z typically have an attention span of just 8 seconds,” claims IABUK.com. During such time, Millennials focus on new information for at least 12 seconds.

You are a master at multitasking.

With the development of technology, Gen-Zers are capable of doing a variety of jobs, particularly while using gadgets. For instance, they can talk to their parents and text a buddy simultaneously while watching a movie. However, millennials are not particularly adept at that.

You prefer independence to teamwork.

71% of Generation Z adheres to the motto “Do it yourself if you want it done correctly.” Gen-Y, meanwhile, is increasingly dependent on collaborative methods and teamwork.

Without a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you cannot function.

Asking “Am I a Gen-Z or Millennial?” if you would rather have reliable Wi-Fi than reliable restrooms is inappropriate. you’re not the latter, after all. (A research found that 40% of Gen-Zers preferred a dependable internet connection to the restroom.)

Your outlook on the future is upbeat.

66% of American Gen Zers believe their generation is driven to bring about positive change, according to CSMonitor.com. That is 10% greater than Gen-Xers and 2% higher than Millennials.

You choose ease of use over brand.

Online buying is significantly more important to Gen-Z. And other studies demonstrate that if their preferred brands were not accessible online, people would stop buying them. Millennials, on the other hand, are more brand loyal and might give their preferred stores a second shot despite an uncomfortable shopping experience.

You reject the idea of conventional education.

The younger generation finds it simpler to forgo traditional educational practices and embrace entrepreneurship. While the Net Generation continues to cherish and promote it.

You have a lower tolerance for inconveniences.

Many refer to Millennials as the “Snowflake Generation.” However, others claim that American Gen-Zers are less tolerant than their more senior counterparts.

You favor conducting business face-to-face.

Despite being technopaths, iGen prefers face-to-face encounters in a business setting. The same cannot be true of Gen-Y, who prefer emails and text messages for business-related correspondence.

What if you are neither young enough to be a Millennial nor old enough to be a Gen-Z?

You are probably a Zillennial if, despite being born at the same time as Gen-Z and Gen-Y, you cannot relate to them. People born between 1993 and 1998 are referred to as members of this micro-generation. Sociologists distinguish this group because, while their cumulative experiences are similar to those of iGen and Millennials, they fall short of being an exact match.

Our test can determine whether a person is a Gen-Zer, Millennial, or Zillennial. So, there are no issues there.

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