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Which of the 12 Jungian mental structures you possess is revealed by the Archetype Quiz. Are you the Hero, Explorer, Sage, Outlaw, Lover, or something else? Find out by conducting a personality analysis.

Jungian and feminine archetypes: What Are They?

Archetypes are concepts from psychology that describe aspects of the collective unconscious that all people share.

The psyche (one’s entire personality), according to Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung, has pre-personal or transpersonal components that he dubbed Archetypes. The effect of the aforementioned aspects, he stated, “causes similarities between stories and faiths.”

Erich Neumann, a disciple of Jung, makes a comparison between the collective unconscious and bodily organs. They are developed prior to birth, work without thought, and are essential.

Explained: The Archetype Quiz

It consists of inquiries into your personality. The objective is to reveal your ego, persona, shadow, and Anima/Animus in order to identify your real Jungian archetype.

The question’s central idea is comparable to that of the Enneagram Test. Additionally, it assesses your personality to provide realistic psychological results.

Learn about your psychic architecture.

The twelve basic structures are: Hero, Ruler, Explorer, Artist, Lover, Caregiver, Everyman, Sage, Outlaw, Magician, Jester, or Innocent. You will match one of these structures.

According to Jung, “Determining factors… which, independently of tradition, ensure in every single individual a resemblance and even sameness of experience” come from the unconscious.

So, by taking the Archetype Quiz, you can learn more about your personality and how you view the world.

Learn what your essential values are.

The four underlying principles of the Jungian Archetype Chart are Spiritual Journey, Leave a Mark, Connect to Others, and Provide Structure. Additionally, each of them relates to three distinct ideas. Spiritual Journey, for instance, has connections to “Freedom,” “Knowledge,” and “Safety.”

Your core beliefs are thoroughly examined in the test findings along with an explanation of how they impact your life as a whole.

Get a free personality assessment.

Numerous details about your personality are revealed when you connect to a particular psychic structure. For this reason, the Archetype Quiz gives participants a thorough description of their personalities.

3 Ideas You Should Understand Before Taking the Archetype Test

The idea of Jung’s psychological structure is a little bit perplexing. A well-known psychology professor, Jordan Peterson, claims that it was never apparent what Jung meant when he spoke of archetypes. And I believe that is because it is a highly convoluted concept.

In order to properly understand your test results, you must comprehend the terms listed below.

#1: Mindfulness

Your consciousness is made up of the psychic stuff you are aware of. This area encompasses a variety of skills, including language, math, soft and physical skills, etc.

#2: Individual oblivion

In general, unconsciousness is psychic stuff that you are NOT aware of. Personal, on the other hand, refers to the particular hidden knowledge that just you and no other human possesses.

#3: The general unconscious

In Jungian psychology, the collective unconsciousness is made up of psychic structures or archetypes that are universal to all people. They have an impact on our attitudes, actions, and worldview. Due of this, people of all ages, races, nationalities, and genders have common experiences.

Are You One of the 12 Archetypes?

The easiest and most reliable way to learn about your psychic structure is to take the test. However, the following table can also be used to determine your personality type.

Why You Need an Archetype Test, explained

Any coherent ordering basis, like the Jungian Archetypes, is preferable than none, according to Jordan Peterson. Knowing yourself better fosters intellectual development. Additionally, it gives you the chance to develop your personality and become an all-around better person.


Both the light and dark parts of your personality are there. You can succeed in your relationships, profession, and life in general by understanding them. The Archetype Quiz is one tool for identifying your character’s benefits and drawbacks.


You can understand your genuine self based on the exam results. Then, you may apply that knowledge to help you develop your personality. We can’t stay the way we are and become the people we need to be, as Oprah Winfrey says.

What Benefits Can the Jungian Archetype Test Bring to Your Company?

One advantage of Jung’s twelve psyche types is their ability to help identify brand personalities and identities. The exam can be used to determine what kind of personality your company or brand should have. Answering the queries as though your brand were doing so is all that is necessary.


None of the brands and companies listed in the Archetype Quiz are connected to QuizExpo. Using the collective unconscious theories of Carl Jung, the questionaire was separately developed.

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