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If you’re wondering, “Do I have daddy issues?” take this quiz. Using information about your personality and romantic status, this 20-question test determines whether you have a father complex.

Making Daddy Issues Simple to Understand

Daddy issues may result from unhealthy, absent, or abusive interactions between a father and his daughter (also known as father complexes). The daughter has unhealthy relationships with other men who treat her like her father in this circumstance.

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) founder Marisa Peer, author of “I Am Enough,” explains, “It does not mean that you want to date your dad. However, it also sort of does. Your mind strives to replicate what you already know, she continues. then persuades you to give it a happy conclusion.

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Therefore, your brain is trying to replicate your relationship with your father in order to fix the father complex.

According to Sigmund Freud, penis envy is the major driver of these complexes. His hypothesis states that girls between the ages of three and eight (during the Phallic Stage) have unconscious sexual desires for their father. They may experience emotional fixations and issues if they do not get enough care and love at this time.

Is It Daddy Issues I Have? (The Quick Response)

If your connection with your father was unhealthy, you may develop a daddy complex. Future father troubles are more likely to arise when there is a lost, abused, pampered, toxic, wrecked, or anguished father figure.

The Telltale Signs of Daddy Issues

Looking for the symptoms can help you determine whether or not you have father issues. The most telling signs of a toxic father-daughter relationship are listed below. You may have a mental disorder or anxiety issues if you exhibit one or more of the following symptoms.

You have a thing for older men.

People who have father difficulties frequently seek out father figures in their lives. This is a result of their desire to replace the void left by their childhood. They are therefore more likely to run into older males or someone who treats them like little kids.

You lack commitment and are untrustworthy.

The lack of a father figure causes many people to develop father complexes. As a result, a person with father issues may have trouble trusting other males because she assumes they will all leave her alone. And that causes commitment problems, making it difficult for the person to maintain a committed relationship.

You ask your lover for too much affirmation and attention.

Before you think to inquire as to whether you may have father issues, you may first give others a hard time. Your self-esteem and confidence are severely damaged by such complexity. You want to make it right by giving your lover attention, validation, and flattery.

Long-term singlehood is impossible.

Being single while your father isn’t around might be challenging. They feel the need to solicit the approval and love of other men all the time. Therefore, it would be more practical for them to start dating as soon as one relationship ends.

People who lack emotional capacity always prevail.

Are you wondering if you have father issues? Consider it this way instead: “Do I replicate my relationship with my father?” As a result of these conditions, people are irrationally drawn to narcissistic and dysfunctional people who mirror their father.

Take the test to learn more

The most reliable method for identifying the problematic aspects of your father-daughter connection is to take the “Do I Have Daddy Issues?” quiz. 20 personality and self-report questions are included in our test to help you identify your issues. Additionally, it gives you a thorough analysis rather than a simple yes or no.

Father-daughter relationships that are unhealthy and cause Daddy Issues

If you don’t want to take the “Do I Have Daddy Issues?” quiz, look for the following. The following parental personalities are the ones that harm children’s development and lead to future relationship issues.

The Absent Father

Future father troubles can always result from disregarding a parental figure. Even when he is present, such a parent emotionally deserts his daughter.

The Addicting Father

Fathers that are impulsive, volatile, and emotionally unstable cause problems in their children’s future relationships. People with such parents are more likely to ask, “Do I have daddy issues?” or struggle with their trauma-related problems. To make sure your father did not treat you unfairly when you were a child, you should complete our Emotional Abuse Test.

The Complimenting Father

Another reason why your youngster might inquire, “Do I have daddy issues?” is when you give them too much affection and attention. A spoiling parent struggles to refuse his daughter’s requests. And that spoils the child, making her feel like she deserves special treatment from everyone.

Injurious Father

You may occasionally question whether you have father issues as a result of your experience with helicopter parenting. No matter what, your father tried to limit you. Relationship problems arise when you look for people who want to dominate you because of your control-obsessed parents.

The Destroyed Father

For whatever reason, a father who depends on his daughter to survive also experiences father complexes. A female with such low self-esteem would be vulnerable to sexual or non-sexual exploitation by other men.

The Tormented Father

The likelihood that his daughter may experience father difficulties in the future is great when the fatherly figure disappoints his child. This kind of girl could display rebellious behavior and attempt to express her emotions through risky behaviors like unprotected sex or self-harm.

Before taking the “Do I Have Daddy Issues?” quiz, read this. ‘ Quiz

According to Marisa Peer, love cannot be sought after, pursued, gained, or purchased. When you love someone, they return the favor. Even though your father was wonderful, in her opinion, you shouldn’t date his clones in the future. Instead, you should develop self-love and look for someone who meets your requirements. She counsels individuals who unconsciously reproduce their relationship with their father to correct it, “Change the beginning instead of the end.”


The “Do I Have Daddy Issues?” questionnaire is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis of your issue. A therapist should be consulted on such issues.

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