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When a director plays things loose, it leaves the door open to a wide variety of opportunities. The telling of a story can become unformed, tedious, or repetitive if there is too much looseness. The looseness that Richard Linklater employs functions in a unique way. He places the utmost significance on relationships, particularly how individuals connect with one another or fail to do so. Linklater is obsessed with things that are on the periphery, things that seem random or unimportant. People rarely come to a complete standstill to experience a profound moment in real life, and he doesn’t show them doing so in his movies either. There is no one else quite like Linklater when it comes to his style (and “Everybody Wants Some!! ” is a perfect example of when it works).

“Everybody Wants Some!! ” is what director Richard Linklater calls a “spiritual sequel” to his high school comedy “Dazed and Confused,” which was released in 1993. The events of “Everybody Wants Some!!” take place in 1980 and follow the lives of a group of college baseball players during the three days that immediately preceding the beginning of the academic year. There are two “baseball houses,” which are sprawling mansions located on the outskirts of campus. These are the locations where members of the baseball team go to party, engage in philosophical discussion, and prepare for games. Everything from dancing and romance to simple conversation can turn into power struggles. The guys at the parties are more concerned with showing off for one another than they are for the women who attend. When the boys are getting ready to go out to a club, their preening reminds me of the scene in “Saturday Night Fever” where John Travolta looks at himself in the mirror. These fellas are dudes, and they exude the smugness that comes with being champion athletes. They walk with a collective strut that could be described as swagger. They have spent their entire childhoods being organized around a single activity: baseball. And because of this, they stand out among their contemporaries (whom they regard as slackers). None of them have aspirations of playing professionally, with the exception of the one who calls himself “the second Nolan Ryan.” College gives students the chance to spend four more years doing the things that bring them the most joy before “real life” begins.

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If none of this is dealt with properly, it could all end in tragedy. Who would want to watch a group of jocks compete against one another at every waking moment of every day? (Well, I do, but I am going to assume that is not the case for everyone else.) Linklater maintains a casual and comedic tone throughout, savoring the organic flow of the group dynamic. A casual game of ping pong can quickly escalate into a life-or-death situation. To the point of drawing blood, guys knuckle-flick and punch each other in the face. They swing an axe at the baseball in an attempt to cut it in half as it comes back over the plate. They are competing to see who can take the largest hit possible from the bong. Even diving into a river becomes a competition to see who can do it the most effectively. Linklater approaches all of this with affection, and even kindness; it’s one of the things that sets him apart from other people. The song “Everybody Wants Some!! ” is a rebuttal to the worn-out and inaccurate stereotype of the “dumb jock.”
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Jake, played by Blake Jenner, is a freshman pitcher who enters one of the baseball houses on the first day of school. He is carrying a milk crate full of albums with him, including Devo’s Are We Not Men, and is met with the initial hostility of the intimidating upper classmen who have mustaches. They are not hostile toward him because he is a first-year student. They are antagonistic toward him because he is a pitcher. (Everybody Wants Some!! is a hilarious and insightful look at the inter-position battles that take place in baseball. Jake is encouraged by a more experienced pitcher to accept the fact that he is an outsider by saying, “Embrace your inner strangeness.” Jake first encounters the ragtag group of guys while they are engaged in a variety of disorganized activities, such as smoking weed, filling up a waterbed, practicing a pitching wind-up while buck-naked, etc. The group promptly broke all of the house rules at the same time, almost before the coach left the house, after the coach gave them a stern speech reminding them of the house rules (no alcohol, no girls upstairs in bedrooms), which they had previously broken simultaneously.

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The guys celebrate in style by going to four different parties over the course of the weekend. Disco is still popular in 1980, country-western is making a comeback, and the slam-dancing subculture of punk is on the rise, all of which are depicted in the movie, which provides a good cross-section of the culture at the time. (It is comical that one of the parties they go to is thrown by the theater department at the college, which demonstrates that theatre kids are the same from one generation to the next.) In some settings, the jocks have a superior attitude toward the walk. They are completely out of their element in other situations. Girl-hunting is still girl-hunting, though, regardless of whether the target wears a Mohawk or a cowboy hat. Jake has a thing for a lovely woman who is majoring in theatre (Zoey Deutch). They share nothing in common other than the significant fact that they have both spent the majority of their brief lives pursuing a fervent interest that necessitates seriousness and self-control. They are the antithesis of what one would call “slackers.” Their relationship is only a small piece of the movie’s more complex fabric as a whole.
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Although there are no major celebrities involved, the cast does include a few actors who are known to audiences. A few of the guys don’t have any background in acting. It’s an excellent combination of things. The group is a shifting mass of alliances, hostility-outbreaks, and a sense of togetherness-by-default due to the fact that they are a championship ball team. This sense of togetherness-by-default derives from the fact that the group is competing for a championship. I was taken aback by how unexpectedly exciting it was to finally get to watch them play baseball for the very first time during their first practice. The only thing the guys do throughout the entire movie is talk about baseball, even before and after they engage in sexual activity, so when we finally get to see them play, it’s incredibly satisfying and illustrative of one of the ways that Linklater works by sneaking up on his audience.

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Although he approaches moments with a casual lightness of touch, Linklater’s style can’t be missed because of the way he films them. Some of his lines will make you roar with laughter for sure. (My favorite scene from any of the films that Richard Linklater has directed is the one where Jack Black asks Shirley MacLaine, “What am I going to do?” after he has just shot her) “Bernie” The pace of the movie is very easy to follow. Moments aren’t lingered over. Details that are hilarious but not mentioned at all (the fact that they all go back to the house to change clothes, depending on the next party in the lineup.) Although some of the guys’ commentary repeats the obvious too often, such as when they ask, “Have you noticed that everything we do is a competition?,” Linklater’s screenplay, for the most part, steers clear of the kind of self-awareness that would pull the viewer out of the experience. In the year 1980, Iran was holding a number of hostages. Former Head of State Jimmy Carter (but not for long). That distinction goes to Bruce Curtis, who works frequently as a production designer for Richard Linklater. The year 1980 was more reminiscent of the 1970s than the yuppie-MTV era that was just around the corner. (So do Gabriella Villarreal on set decoration and costume designer Kari Perkins.) There are girls dressed in halter tops, girls wearing silk shirts with pointed collars, and gas-guzzling cars. The music features a wide variety of artists, ranging from Blondie to Foreigner. The motion picture seizes a fleeting interlude in time just a fraction of a second before it disappears forever.
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At its worst, nostalgia occurs when the story being told is bathed in a golden glow, with the glow operating under the (incorrect) assumption that the nostalgia being portrayed is experienced by everyone. Different things evoke different feelings of longing in different people. Although they both wrote primarily from a nostalgic place, Laura Ingalls Wilder and F. Scott Fitzgerald had very different things that made them nostalgic in their respective works. There is a type of nostalgia that can easily turn into kitsch, in which the things, fashion, and music of the past become popular once more. There is a form of nostalgia that can be synonymous with both yearning and melancholy. There is a strain of nostalgia that is antagonistic to progress. Despite the word “everybody” being in the title, the sounds, smells, and sights that Linklater misses most are those that were prevalent during the era in which he was a child and during which he developed his personality. Importantly, he does not laugh at these younger versions of himself, despite the fact that he frequently finds these versions to be extremely funny. The audience is not encouraged to feel superior to the people who lived “back then” in “Everybody Wants Some!!,” unlike in many other period films, which do fall into the trap of encouraging viewers to feel this way. Linklater prevents us from laughing at a moment when we might have been tempted to do so. Sincerity is not something that frightens him at all. In the film “Everybody Wants Some!!,” there is a scene in which two young women are seen mud-wrestling while wearing only their underwear, and there is also a scene in which two people are shown holding hands near a river at dawn. Neither of the scenes is jarring or throws off the equilibrium. Despite all of the roughhousing that takes place, it’s a very gentle film.

The best of Linklater’s films are like high-wire acts. This is not something that novices should attempt.

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