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by Samantha Stratton

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Respond to these rapid questions in our Hot Fuzz quiz and we will tell you which Hot Fuzz character you are. Play it now.

The wits of “Hot Fuzz,” a spoof of action-style Flickers in Hollywood, are heavier caudillos in humor than in their last large-screen appearance, the “Shaun of the Dead” zombie escapade. This time, it is personal, or at any rate somewhat personalized, as the more obvious objectives are cutaneous manufacturing authors such as Jerry Bruckheimer and Joel Silver, who have helped to define the modern action by shaping the old kiss-kiss, bang-bang film experience into the movies with their fat budget and armies of heavy-armed, poor boys.

Nickolas Angel, a crack London police officer who has been bound by his lower superiors in a small town (Bill Nighy, Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman, smiling, and smiling) is the snub-nose, cricket battering blond vengeance of “Sheun the dead,” who is just being too fuckin’ good on his job. Simon Pegg plays Banned from the sticks, where the main investigative distraction originally was a lost snow-hued swan, he finds himself anxious for action.

Hot Fuzz quiz

Having misled the NWA, Danny has led him to the limit of the town, stating that he had little knowledge of their genuine activity. Danny is urging Angel to come back to London, thinking nobody would believe Sandford’s truth. The guns he confiscated earlier drives back to the town and equips himself. After Angel met Danny in the village. The two of them started sending NWA members in a more destructive and frenzied arms rage. Also, you must try to play this Hot Fuzz quiz.

Skinner and Butterman retreat to a neighboring park, followed by Angel and Danny. Angel fights Skinner in the spire of the cathedral, which accidentally pounds his jaw at the spire.

Former superiors of Angel came from London to ask him to go back, as there was an increase in the crime rate without him substantially, but Angel chose to stay in Sandford.

Tom Weaver, the only resident member of the NWA, is back at the police station and tries to shoot Angel. However, Danny defends Angel and shot himself. The following turmoil activated the seized sea mine and destroyed the station.

He’s the Sandford Police Service sergeant, Danny, and Angel, both going out to patrol Sandford now.

This sort of commitment will increase your arrests by 400 percent.

About the quiz

One of the arrests is his partner Danny Butterman (for DUI, or whatever is the British equivalent) (Nick Frost). Danny is one of the worst policemen in one of England, probably the world’s worst police agencies. The lazy, unskilled cop has the easiest way to keep his job – his dad is his supervisor. Which Hot Fuzz character are you?

Danny has no skill, but he does not have zeal. Then, he searches for action in all his favorite action films. Amongst whom he makes Angel sees Point Break and Bad Boys II on a wasted night. Also, it’s probably the first two Angel flicks ever saw.

Angel is a fully by-the-book block, and his skills are shown repeatedly. In Sandford, a town with the lowest crime rate in England, the other constables turn to Angel for assistance when various “accidents” start to emerge. Also, he knows how a crime scene can be cordoned. He knows also that the notebook is a cop’s best tool.

Angel pulls him over and finds a man speeding. He whips out his notebook and begins to write down everything that the man says and why the driver is agitating. But, Angel says Danny, you’re never aware when the knowledge is going to be useful. Because “Something is always going on.”

hot fuzz quiz
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