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Respond to these rapid questions in our It’s A Wonderful Life quiz and we will tell you which It’s A Wonderful Life character you are. Play it now.

A second-class angel named Clara counts on Christmas Eve in the heavens. After 200 years of waiting, she finally got her wings and became an Angel First Class. This evening, she hears hundreds of petitions for a man called George Bailey in Bedford Falls, New York that none of the other angels can hear. In his darkest hour, George contemplates jumping into a river below to end his life, standing on a bridge. Why is he about to take a leap of faith? Why is she able to hear them?

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In what way may she be of assistance to him? Is it too late to make changes? Just as George is about to jump, the angels stop the flow of time and allow him to land safely. Clara is sent to Earth to be his guardian angel, to learn about him, and to try to save him from certain death.

It’s A Wonderful Life quiz

A mysterious area of gateways and portals is revealed to Clara as she falls off her swing and crashes into it. George Bailey’s life is summed up in one place. Clara will walk with George, door by door, step by step, from childhood to this hazardous moment on the bridge, door by door, step by step. One life can make a difference in a community and in the world, she will discover on her adventure. They will learn what makes a wonderful life and that having friends is not a sign of failure.

“The Great Gatsby” opens with a framing mechanism that captures readers and gives them a glimpse of the story’s finale. George Bailey is at the height of his struggles as the film opens, and we’re left wondering why the whole town is praying for him. In a flash of an eye, we’re staring at an odd trio of angels.

Character development dominates the opening part of this classic film. In an attempt to explain George Bailey to Clarence, the head angels take us through George Bailey’s life. Furthermore, his childhood memories include saving his small brother from certain death, losing the hearing in one ear, and stopping an elderly man from accidentally poisoning a customer, among other heroic feats. Also, Mary Hatch begins to fall in love with him as a young man as he plots his escape from “crummy” Bedford Falls. The instigating event occurs when we already know George Bailey well.

Bedford Falls and its colorful people have been introduced. George’s father discusses the importance of the Bailey Building & Loan in providing a safe refuge for the people from the terrible Old Man Potter. Also, you must try to play this It’s A Wonderful Life quiz.

About the quiz

Clarence, George’s guardian angel-in-training, was the guy who fell into the river. He knew that George would follow him into the pool. “It would be better if Clarence had never been born,” George informs Clarence. Furthermore, it’s a retrospective of George’s life, minus George.

Harry drowned as a child in the frigid pond, and all the men he helped in the war are dead without George. In an accident, the owner of the drugstore poisoned a young child.

It’s a hedonistic nest of vice, devoid of the small-town ideals that once nourished it.

His mother is grieving the loss of Harry, her only son when she meets George. Also, the boarding house owner, doesn’t even recognize him. Mary, now an unmarried librarian (horrors), shouts at him when he begs her to recognize him, which she does. Furthermore, Violet has become a member of society.

Also, George wishes to live again after realizing that his life was quite significant and great. Also, “There’s no place like home,” he adds after clicking his ruby slippers three times. If he had wanted to, he could have done it. All of his friends recognize him, and the appreciative citizens have contributed more than enough money to bail out the Building and Loan Association of America. Furthermore, a bell on the Christmas tree rings as George hugs his daughter Zuzu. Then, an angel receives its wings every time a bell rings, Zuzu recalls hearing from a teacher. Also, George grins at the camera.

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