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Respond to these rapid questions in our Learning To Drive quiz and we will tell you which Learning To Drive character you are. Play it now.

If you have a cynical, superior view of this kind of movie, it is problematic that “Learning to Drive” is billed as a two-hander on life lessons. People finding themselves through some sort of metaphor for tenacity is a subject with plenty of room for hate-watching. However, while some movies of this type have undoubtedly been despised, many more have been really skillfully made. The fact that this movie’s main character doesn’t actually find herself or even significantly alter an already established personae makes it more harder to write it off. The only significant self-discovery Wendy (Patricia Clarkson) makes is regarding her driving style.

“Learning to Drive” initially had traits of the romantic comedy it never develops into. The first scenario is the antithesis of the main characters having a “Meet Cute.” We encounter Darwan (Sir Ben Kingsley), a Sikh who works as a cab driver at night and teaches people how to drive in the morning. He picks up Wendy and her soon-to-be ex-husband Ted from his night job (Jake Weber). Their altercation in Darwan’s taxi exposes that Ted’s adultery caused their 21-year marriage to end. A manuscript of the book Wendy is evaluating is left in the back of Darwan’s taxi during the ensuing chaos. Wendy requests Darwan’s card after noticing his student training vehicle after Darwan returns it.

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Wendy has never wanted to drive until now. She relies on the typical transportation methods used by New Yorkers because she resides in Queens. Ted was frequently her go-to driver when she needed one. She’s turned into Miss Daisy without a Hoke now that he’s left her for an author Wendy has always praised (the scene in which she realizes this is loaded with an uncomfortably silent sorrow). All of this wouldn’t be significant if her sister Debbie (Samantha Bee) and daughter Tasha (Grace Gummer, Meryl Streep’s daughter), didn’t reside outside of New York City.
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Wendy follows Tasha’s recommendation and employs Darwan as a teacher so she can spend more time with her kid. This results in a scenario that is best characterized as “a short-distance road movie.” While confined inside Darwan’s cramped truck, the individuals get to know one another, their personalities clashing in comedic tension sequences. Darwan, who plays the straight man in this comedic combo, maintains a curt yet kind and supportive approach. Even when she’s too frightened to press the throttle, Wendy is much more active and expressive.

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Thankfully, Darwan is not viewed in “Learning to Drive” as an alien whose only goal is to advance Wendy’s storyline. His life receives equal attention, serving as a counterweight to Wendy’s experiences. He may be seen attending temple services, talking with other Sikhs, and caring for his nephew, whom he vowed to look after while living in America. “Learning to Drive” takes the time to highlight scenes of Jasleen’s efforts to adapt to American culture and a spouse who is far from candid about his emotions when his sister chooses her as Darwan’s wife and sends her to America.
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It is extremely uncommon for women to write, direct, and edit a movie. A New Yorker piece served as the inspiration for the script written by Sarah Kenochan. Reuniting with her “Elegy” co-stars, director Isabel Coixet places them in parts of New York City that are rarely depicted on screen. Since the release of “Coming to America,” the Queens borough hasn’t had such a warm mention. Thelma Schoonmaker also takes a break from the hectic Martin Scorsese universe to contribute her editing talents to this independent, low-budget film. The brief, stunning wedding sequence in the movie is when her skill is most apparent.

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The movie “Learning to Drive” is evidence that even the worst performance can make a piece of content better. Wendy is more than just a mistreated wife in Clarkson’s portrayal of her; she has enough self-awareness to realize that she might not be entirely responsible for her failing marriage. Her dry wit and balance of rage and melancholy provide for some hearty laughs. She is complemented by Kingsley, who gives Darwan a lovely sensitivity hidden beneath his stern appearance. Darwan and Wendy continue to be likeable because of their performances in spite of their sporadic self-indulgence.
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The movie’s metaphors about the automobile representing freedom are a little too overt, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. I couldn’t help but support the success of this modest, understated dramedy. It functions well in most cases.

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