This Men Type Quiz Reveals Your Attraction to 4 Men Types

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Are you aware of the kind of man you prefer? This quiz on the four sorts of men is geared toward women and uses 20 straightforward questions to determine your attraction to each type.

Which Kind of Man Attracts You?

For a variety of reasons, we are drawn to guys. It can be their appearance, the way they move, or even how sensitive they are, yet sometimes it seems absurd to fall for a man. Even the wildest emotions and amorous impulses we have for males are based in science, despite how difficult it may appear.

What accomplishes the Men Type Test?

Men have been classed by psychologists into many sorts. We concentrate on one of the most prevalent and logical classifications of boys in the Men type quiz. The monarch, the combatant, the mystic, and the romantic. These are referred to as personality archetypes, which means that males have historically filled these positions. These classifications can describe guys in ways that many of us wouldn’t expect.

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Have you ever been told, for example, that you frequently choose the stereotypical male type? Or do you frequently engage in the same behaviors, such as fighting about the same issues, in many relationships? To learn more about the KWML male characteristics that famous psychologist Dr. Robert Moore introduced, read the rest of the passage.

Based on KWML, Different Types of Men

The King

The king is the first category in the men’s personality test. Some men are more suited to the title of king because they are strong, independent, and dominating characters who are essential parts of their surroundings. They would disagree with the idea that they are the center of the universe. The majority of the time, they would make it plain that they act rather than react. However, they could become somehow disloyal due to their domination.

The King strives to reach greater heights both physically and spiritually. You mean it makes you think of Christian Grey? These alpha males are determined, protective, inventive, and helpful, but you should be wary of the King’s darker side in the following ways:

Kings are prone to becoming despots. Not that they would plunder and raid you in their absence, partner. Instead, the tyrant would exert excessive pressure on his allies and partners to advance his agenda. Therefore, if you are ambitious, a little tyranny would be acceptable for you; but, there is a Weakling in every tyrant. Kings are descendants of former kings and queens, therefore at some point they would have experienced oppression. It follows that if they are harmed, they will seek retaliation and lay blame on others.

The Warrior

This is one of the quiz’s most well-liked results for males. The warrior is your type if you’re attracted to strong, chiseled lads with six-packs who look their best when they’re covered in sweat. The physical characteristics of the warrior, however, have faded over the past century as society now views some traditional warrior traits as hostile.

Your hero can be a tough guy. They are lively, intelligent, and concerned about their appearance and well-being. They are passionate lovers who frequently lend each other support and take delight in giving and receiving. Despite our tendency to believe that other girls are constantly after them, they frequently remain loyal. They are loyal to you as well as their wolf pack. This implies that they occasionally might come out as cold. You need to keep a few things in mind if you want to draw in warrior men.

Warriors are fiercely competitive, but they lack direction in their life. If they don’t learn to find their place in relationships and society, they can start out as sports superstars and finish up on the streets.

The warriors physically express their rage. As a result, they have a tendency to be kinky, which, if unchecked, could result in excessive sadism and masochism.

The Magician

The magicians are intelligent, sophisticated men. They love learning about people, places, and things. They are qualified for upscale status due to their self-control and mental toughness. They support and assist you, but they are a little disassociated from the physical world and have a propensity to reason things out rather than experience them. They dislike surprises and would rather plan everything out.

Magicians make excellent collaborators in terms of knowledge and a forward-thinking perspective. As they strive for beauty in their eyes and brains, they are also fantastic gurus and spiritual mentors. Although they are not as straightforward as the King or warriors, these men are not simply drawn to bookish girls. If you give them enough time, they are incredibly thoughtful and will get to know you better than anybody else.

The black magician manipulates and controls people using his expertise. He is an expert at disguising himself; he can go from being a sensitive, affectionate lover to an ice-cold devil. These magicians are pessimists who attribute their failures to others and who are unable to trust you because of their outlook on life.

The Lover

Lovers are associated with passionate love and sensuous pleasure, as their name suggests. But their relationship goes beyond the bed. They view the world energetically, through the lenses of love and hatred. They enjoy dancing and listening to music, are terrible at things they don’t like, and have a talent for the arts. They are completely in the moment.

Both giving and receiving pleasure come easily to him. The romantic partner is fearless and focuses only on the now. Although the lover doesn’t aim to deceive you, they can’t try like a warrior or have the authority to make these desires come true like a king. Are they faithful? They like the moment, thus it’s unlikely. Do they merit it? Yes, they make for an exciting and enjoyable evening.

The lover looks for enjoyment in the present and the surroundings. He might drown himself in pleasure, which might result in various addictions. If the lover is not careful, he could develop a sex addiction or perhaps a drug addiction. So be on the lookout for warning indicators like not calling you during your period or drinking too much when you go out. The lover’s inability to keep his commitments and propensity to experience financial setbacks or lose everything at the casino are further issues.

In search of a surprise? Try the Men Type Test.

This test will reveal the kind of man you prefer and the one who is most drawn to your energy. Beware of each type’s repulsive shadow as well. The answers to the simple questions could surprise you.

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