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Respond to these rapid questions in our Percy Jackson quiz and we will tell you which Percy Jackson character you are. Play it now.

Perseus Jackson’s “Percy,” 12, is a dyslexic and ADHD in New York City. He often finds himself in unexpected scenarios that have led him out of school for unknown reasons. A bully, Nancy Bobofit, tormented Percy’s classmate Grover on a school visit to the museum. Simultaneously Percy defends the fountain close to Nancy, his pal. Nancy, however, thought it was put into the fountain, and lied to Mrs. Dodds, Percy’s pre-algebra teacher, about the occurrence. Before she turns into one of the Furies of Greek mythology, Percy is separated by Mrs. Dodds and assaults her.

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Percy’s Latin professor, Mr. Brunner, tosses a pen to Percy and changes it into a sword when uncapped. Percy kills Mrs. Dodds, and nobody seems to remember the teacher from the pre-algebra when he comes back to class. When Percy confronts him, only Grover seems suspicious.

Percy Jackson quiz

Percy is looking for Mr. Brunner for additional Latin help next week. However, Grover and Mr. Brunner are unintentionally hearing of him and of a crucial stolen object.

On the last day of school Percy goes home and Sally his mother brings him to the beach cottage where the parents of Percy met a while ago. Sadly, the storm rages that night, and Grover tells them to evacuate. The Minotaur is attacked on the land, and Sally disappears as the monster picks her up in a golden flicker in the ensuing conflict. Enraged, Percy murdered the Minotaur and quickly passed away. Also, you must try to play this Percy Jackson quiz.

Persia goes back to Hades with the helmet of the darkness and takes a jet to New York to the 600th story of the Empire State Building with Mount Olympus. Percy first met Poseidon and Zeus and told them all he knew and suspected. He tells them that he thinks that Kronos, Titan King who ruled before the Greek gods in this age, is preparing to fight against the Olympians (the Greek gods and goddesses). In which Kronos talked to him, Percy had dreams about Kronos. Zeus won’t hear it. Zeus doesn’t want to hear. Poseidon tells Percy he’s proud of him and that when he goes to his mother’s flat in Queens, NY he has to choose a choice.

Percy almost dies of this bite from the scorpion but is saved through the wood nymphs who take him safe. Teacher Percy, Chiron, restores his health to him. Percy decides to go home for his seventh-grade year to live with his mother.

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After having recovered from his health, Percy appreciates the magnificent view of the camp despite the regret at the death of his mother. His battle with the Bullman he now names the Minotaur, he tries to recollect. Grover excuses Percy that he cannot save Sally and that he has failed as a guardian. However, Percy is not responsible for Grover and the two leave the farmhouse and enter Camp Half-Blood.

Percy joins in the pinochle game with Chiron, Mr. D, and Grover. During the game, they talk about the existence of Greek gods across the globe and comment about how Mr. D is a god of wine: Dionysus. Mr. D and Grover leave for the private conversation between Chiron and Percy. Chiron and Percy talk further about the Greek gods of Mount Olympus. Percy recognizes Chiron as his real self at this point—a centaur.

Chiron gives Percy a camp tour during Percy’s trip to his cabin. After five years of failure, Percy discovers this was the second opportunity for Grover to resume his job as a guardian. Percy worries that he is in jeopardy when Mr. D and his purpose to safeguard Percy is seen as a failure by the Council of Cloven Elders. When Percy approaches the lodgings, he discovers that each cabin has a god-friendly mascot. Before entering his cabin, Annabeth welcomes him. He was housed in “Hermes,” the unknown campers’ cabin. Here he meets Luke, Hermes’ son, his cabin advisor.

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