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Should I cut my hair short if I desire a significant stylistic change? This questionnaire evaluates your body type, style, and facial attributes to assist.

Whose Hair Should Be Cut Short?

Cut your hair short if your face is oval, heart-shaped, or oblong. Creating an oval face shape is the aim of female haircuts. If you have a square, round, or diamond-shaped face, you SHOULD NOT cut your hair short.

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Find Out if You Should Cut It Short by Taking a Quiz

One of our challenges has always been the age-old dilemma of “What haircut should I get?” Even with all the advancements in technology, deciding whether to shave your head completely, cut your hair short, or let it grow out like Rapunzel remains one of the hardest dilemmas. But the battle is now done!

You can find your perfect cut by answering 20 short style questions in the quiz on this page. It was created by professionals keeping the concepts and trends in mind. Most other online tests ask unrelated questions and then present you with random results. But here, we don’t operate that that.

Observe the following:

Your facial features are evaluated by the test.

Finding the ideal haircut can be challenging. Before making any decisions, you should be aware of your hair type and the visual prominence of your face features. You can determine all of those things without consulting a specialist by taking the short or long hair quiz. Your comments enable us to accurately develop your profile and recommend the finest hairstyles in line with it.

It contrasts your style with the cut.

Before even considering the topic of “Should I cut my hair short?,” you must consider your preferred style. For instance, if you enjoy ponytails, having a Bob doesn’t sound like a good option. To make sure you’ll like the outcomes, the test includes questions about your existing tastes and style.

It allows you to assess whether the short haircut fits your way of life.

Your daily life is one of the underappreciated elements when deciding on a hairstyle. For instance, a single mother would look great with a polished bob. However, shoulder-length hair is certainly a better choice if you enjoy working out and frequent the gym because you can tie it up to keep it out of your face.

The quiz assists you in reviewing your routine to make sure that shortening your hair won’t result in any unnecessary issues.

It enables you to select a fresh hairstyle without having second thoughts.

Many people wonder whether they will regret cutting their hair short. But the quiz aids you in overcoming your reservations and making a confident choice. If you choose your new haircut after careful consideration, you probably won’t regret your decision.

Questions to Ask Before Making a Haircut Decision

There’s always a U-turn to go back to your former style when it comes to issues like what color to dye your hair. But when you have a bob haircut or really short hair, things are different.

So, before making a decision, consider these key questions from Silvia Reis (also known as Ellebangs). Silvia has over 800K YouTube subscribers and is a licensed hairstylist and colorist.

– How do I typically style or wear my hair?

Don’t assume that just because you cut your hair short, your preferences will change. The ideal length is one that complements your current fashion and won’t require you to alter it.

– Is it possible for me to forecast how it will appear after the cut?

Before obtaining a short haircut, it’s a good idea to simulate one with pins. By doing so, you can determine how a Bob or other short cuts would look on you.

– How much time do I spend styling my hair right now?

Contrary to popular opinion, shorter hair does not always require less frequent maintenance and styling. Therefore, if saving time is your only motivation for cutting your hair short, don’t. Rethink your choice and only move forward if you believe it will improve your mood.

– Is the texture of my hair suitable for a short cut?

Longer hair makes thick, dense, curly hair simpler to style. Therefore, before choosing the ideal length, you must take the texture into account. It could be more difficult to maintain your hair with a shorter cut.

Prior to getting a shorter haircut, think about these five things.

Before purchasing a Bob, consider these five factors. Here are some details on each:

Face Shape, first.

The oval, heart, and oblong facial shapes, out of the six, work best with short hair. The best shapes for Bobs, Pixies, and even Side-swept have a thinner lower jaw.

#2. Facial Features Seen Visually.

A facial feature’s perceived weight increases with prominence. Therefore, obtaining a chin-length cut can enhance your beauty if your eyes or nose are the main features of your face. A long haircut is preferable, though, if you feel more confidence with the lower portion of your face (the lips and chin).

#3. The Head’s form.

Shorter hairstyles typically don’t work for those with high hairlines and flat cranium tops. Contrarily, having a round head is undesirable. Choose fluffer forms if you have a flat cranium but still want to wear your hair short.

Hair Texture (#4)

The optimum texture for a short haircut is type 1 (straight hair). Wavy, curly, and coily hair types 2, 3, and 4 should be more selective about their cut.

5th: Body Type.

Cutting your hair short can make you appear taller if you are short. A tiny body type also frequently complements a Bob or Pixie. But when it comes to big, tall people, the same cannot be stated.

How to Decide if You Should Get a Bob: The John Frieda Method

In front of a mirror, measure the distance with a ruler between your chin and ear. You’ll look nice with a short haircut if it’s shorter than 2.23 inches. You might choose to maintain your long hair if it measures more than 2.25 inches.

John Frieda, a British celebrity hairstylist and the owner of several hair salons and hair product companies, developed the technique. Despite being a simple method, many people disagree with the measurements stated. It is, however, currently the quickest and most straightforward method of deciding whether to have a Bob.

Do You Want Something More Reliable? Take the quiz about short versus long hair.

Getting a short haircut often causes more anxiety than adding bangs or other minor hairstyle modifications. You therefore require a high-quality quiz that can evaluate your physique, sense of style, and personal preferences. Our test predicts whether or not you would look well with certain types of hair and whether you would be better off without them.

Simply give it a shot. You won’t be sorry.

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