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Respond to these rapid questions in our The Sound Of Music quiz and we will tell you which The Sound Of Music character you are. Play it now.

Stage director Vincent J. Donehue thought the project would be ideal for his friend Mary Martin after watching the 1956 West German film The Trapp Family and its 1958 sequel (The Trapp Family in America); Broadway producers Leland Hayward and Richard Halliday (Martin’s husband) concurred.[2] The producers’ initial idea was for a non-musical play penned by Lindsay and Crouse that would include songs from the Trapp Family Singers’ catalog. Then they made the decision to include a few original songs, possibly by Rodgers and Hammerstein. However, it was quickly decided that the production should have only brand-new songs and be a musical as opposed to a play.[3] For the musical, certain aspects of the von Trapp family’s past were changed. In fact, the actual Georg von Trapp resided with his family in a house in the Salzburg suburb of Aigen. In 1926, he requested a nun from the Nonnberg Abbey to help educate his ill daughter in a letter, and the Mother Abbess responded by sending Maria. Agathe Whitehead, his wife, had passed away in 1922. The actual Maria and Georg were wed in 1927 at the Nonnberg Abbey. All of the children’s names, ages, and Maria’s original surname were changed, and Lindsay and Crouse changed the narrative to make Maria the governess to all of the kids. (the show used “Rainer” instead of “Kutschera”). After Maria and the Captain were married and he was given the opportunity to join the German military, the von Trapp family lived in Austria for a while. After the Anschluss, the family fled Austria because von Trapp was already opposed to the Nazis. They traveled by train to Italy before continuing on to London and the United States.[4] Following Maria and the Captain’s wedding, Lindsay and Crouse had the family flee on foot across the mountains to Switzerland in order to heighten the tension of the narrative.

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