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Respond to these rapid questions in our Dere quiz and we will tell you what Dere are you. Play it now.

The “dere” fad began in 2002 in the Japanese forums of dating simulators. My Anime List says that “tsun tsun” must break through the (hard) attitude of a girl so she reaches her “dere” (sweet) side. Soon after that, the two terms were all first and today we have Tsundere in all of Japan.

When you meet her first, a tsundere frequently has a tough and stubborn character. She’s going to leave her way to demonstrate that she doesn’t like you, but she’s coy after you cracked her shell.

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The source of the kuu in kuudere originates from the English word cool pronunciation in Japan. “She’s a very cool girl,” doesn’t like that. No, the character of this girl is as icy as the ice. The Japanese relate a Kuudere gire to snow for TVtropes’s analogy:

“At first look, it can be frigid and harsh yet it also preserves the seeds of autumn warm and safe till spring.”

What Dere are you

Normally she speaks with a single voice and expresses what’s on her mind regardless of who gets harmed. She often has a great urge to be controlled, but is watchful and is impartial. She may be sympathetic and nice to people close to the character, but strangers and connoisseurs often have the cold shoulder. It’s probable that if she feels invaded, she’ll get cold to the individuals she is around. Although its cold façade is apathetic or realistic, it protects a sensitive girl that needs time to flourish. Also, you must try to play this Dere quiz.

Kamidere characters are those having a complicated god, “kami” meaning “god” in Japanese. It sometimes manifests in you that you think you’re a god or superior.

Some kamidere have such conceptions but still respect others, whereas the others are overtly condescending, arrogant and stupid. Although he has no interest in love, or romance, outside his own manipulative aims, Light Yagami from Death Note remains an excellent example of a kamidere person.

Characters in Sadodere like to sadistically manipulate others. Like “kuu” in kuudere, the term “sado” in sadodere is derived from the word “sadomasochism” in the Japanese word pronunciation. Sadoder characters are happy to put their love interests in unpleasant situations, both physical and emotional, that bring pain and shame.

About the quiz

Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live is an example of a sadodere. Throughout the series, Shidou Itsuka is regularly manipulated by Kurumi and feels she’s the only person who can. In numerous circumstances, Kurumi protects Shidou, although usually to punish him afterward. What Dere are you?

Derederes is like other kinds, such as Tsundere or Yandere, because they can still develop their distinct characters in a different way while they may be in love with someone.

The main distinction between other dereders is that it isn’t weird that someone else gets along with the person they love as long as it doesn’t affect them. They’re okay even if their interest in love begins with another, as they’re so kind. They will be kind and enjoyable in the process even to their competitors.

While they are either entirely open to it or afraid to share their feelings with them when it comes to their love for them. You will often cuddle your love interest voluntarily and hit them.

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