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Sometimes we begin to ask ourselves, “What is my mission in life?” and find it challenging to directly respond. By asking you about your hobbies and talents, this questionnaire aims to assist you in identifying your goals. The emphasis is mainly on the enjoyable aspect of the inquiry; yet, it is by no means a job talent consult. Let’s explore some worthwhile ideas on the subject before moving on to the questions.

What is the point of living?

The meaning of life can be expressed in a variety of ways. As a result, while creating this quiz, we tried to adhere to both traditional Japanese ikigai and ancient Indian philosophy. Of fact, there are a variety of alternative meanings and perspectives that explain the main goal of a person’s life. Finding your life’s purpose, however, is of the utmost significance. Since defining your short-term goals can help you define your behavior, decisions, and short-term goals.

For instance, someone whose goal in life is to get notoriety and praise might be able to assist others. He will, however, be more likely to do so if someone is looking. As a result, he will be perceived as more approachable and popular. When there are no witnesses around to impress, the same person may neglect others. Additionally, someone like them is more likely to select a job route that puts them in the spotlight. He might favor a career as an actor or influencer, for instance.

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Let’s learn more about ikigai and purusharthas, the goals of life according to Hindu philosophy, in light of this introduction.

Quiz about ikigai and my purpose in life

The four fundamental drives in a person’s personality, according to the ikigai philosophy, are: what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for.

Your ikigai, or intention of living, as well as other things that are important in your eyes will be determined by the mix of these fundamental phenomena. By combining what you are good at and what you can get paid for, we can define a profession. Additionally, passion is a combination of your interests and skills. What the world needs and what you love may both be summed up as your mission. The final component of vocation is what the world needs and what you are compensated for. Now combine them all, and the shared space will show off your ikigai.

The area that defines ikigai is shown in the figure above. What’s your goal? Your life goals will be ascertained by a quiz that asks questions about these four categories.

What does Purusharthas say my purpose is?

The term “purashartha” refers to what people pursue. The purusharthas are categorized similarly to ikigai into four groups:

  • Dharma
  • Artha
  • Kama
  • Moksha

What is the point of my life? dharma

The principles of dharma encompass what one should do to live in society and the universe. In actuality, dharma refers to obligations, rules, virtues, and the proper way to live. In order to preserve the earth and make it a place worth living, people must respect dharma.

Atha and your objectives

The phrase refers to the “means of life,” which include your money, your job, and the pursuits that bring you riches and prosperity. Hinduism views artha as a crucial component of life.

The purpose of life and Kama

Kama encompasses all of a person’s feelings, emotions, and desires. The phrase might be translated as “amenities of living.” High spirituality can only be attained when the conditions linked to dharma, artha, and kama are met.

Goals in life and moksha

The ultimate level of a person’s requirements is moksha. It is emancipation from mortality achieved by engaging in good deeds. The phrase refers to spiritual meditation’s ability to bring about self-awareness and liberty.

It is obvious that people must satiate all of the aforementioned demands. But in this quiz, we’ll show you which kind of goal appeals to you more at this stage in your life.

What is my purpose quiz results and interpretations.

We’ll ask you a few questions about your tendencies in this questionnaire to ascertain your ikigai and reveal what purushartha is the current goal of your life.

Your attention is on dharma.

You are concerned about giving back to society and improving the world by doing your tasks. Your responses show that you are not at all selfish. Additionally, you are constantly empathetic to others. To find inner peace and develop into your best self, try to strike a balance between your desire to create and contribute and other elements of life.

Your goal is to serve artha.

According to you, the most important ideas are safety, riches, and prosperity. You value such objectives because they are important to your worldview, which centers on the importance of wealth and financial independence. Even while money is what keeps the world going, it is also important to prioritize other ideals. Try to reconcile your need for financial gain with maintaining the status quo and assisting others in achieving their objectives. You’ll then be able to experience a sense of success and fulfillment.

Your want fulfillment is your ultimate goal. You are happiest when you make an effort to live in the now, and you dislike giving up delight in favor of long-term goals. You have the potential to be so passionate and energized that you may inspire others.

The fulfillment of our animal instincts, however, is insufficient to surpass your value as a human. Try to increase your good impact on others’ lives in order to earn money.

You are concentrating on moksha, the lofty goal of existence.

Congratulations! You’ve had a lot of experiences and are good at balancing your desires. You can now give attention to the health of your inner self and spirit. The voyage within is incredible and full of delights.


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