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Respond to these rapid questions in our Baby Sitters Club quiz and we will tell you which Baby Sitters Club character are you? Play it now.

This comic novel adapted by the best-selling, multi-editors of Smile, the #1 New York Times, Raina Telgemeier, has finally been released in complete color! The greatest friends and the founding members of The Baby-Sitters Club are Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey. Anything – cunning kids, big dogs, terrifying neighbors, hoax calls – can be counted upon to save the day. It is not always simple for children to sit and neither is dealing with demanding parents, new families, and mysterious secrets. Fashion emergency. But regardless of what, the BSC has the most: friendship. Raina Telgemeier captures exactly the drama and humor of the original novel, employing the characteristic style exhibited in her celebrated graphic articles Smile and Sisters!

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Kristy has a brilliant idea: to build a baby-sitting club! Her pals Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne, are already sitting infant and plan to join Stacey McGill, a new girl-in-the-city school. Having everything decided, Kristy and her friends experience weird babysitting adventures that they have never reckoned on (such as DOG sitting). Are they going to give up or are they going to try?

Which Baby Sitters Club character are you?

The divorced mother of Kristy, Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer, dated a new boy, Watson Brewer, and Kristy is careful. It appears like a wonderful guy, but Patrick Thomas, Kristy’s biological dad, came into the family and left Elizabeth with four children alone, including a newborn child (David Michael). Kristy won’t get harmed again, and she has to pick to hate or open her up, taking the opportunity to hurt her like her dad, emotionally. Kristy must decide if agony is worth loving a new (almost) dad again. Also, you will find out which Baby Sitters Club character are you in this quiz.

Stacey is also acting mysteriously, her new friend, and Kristy, Mary Anne, and Claudia need to discover her way.

For the second time, it was fun to read this. Most of all, when I read this after its first black and white release, my impressions were not all that different. One of the earliest titles in the Scholastic Graphix range was the Baby-Sitters Club. The series is derived from the famous Ann M. Martin series of the same name, which I read as a pre-teen voraciously. Raina Telgemeier adapted the titles yet the adaption is still loyal to the original voice of the series.

The fundamental premise is: Kristy Thomas is often babysitting with her friends. One night, though, she observes her mother struggling to find a child sitter, make a call, and hit. (Been there. (Been there. Do that.) Do that. Kristy believes it’d be a terrific idea if parents could call and contact a huge range of people. So the Club of Baby Sitter is born. The club is a hit, but the girls also navigate friendships and families along the way.

About the quiz

It’s so deep that even today, at the age of 43, I’m blushing on my computer. I realize that things have changed, lads can even applaud today for it, whatever they choose. However, in the 1980s, when it seemed as if the “Hobbit” or Hardy Boys were for me only the real choices, or choose Your Own Adventure books, stories, like sneaking one of Ann Martin’s books about a group of 12-year-old girls from fictional Stoneybrook, in Conn, when they remember the many dragons and trap doors, and the motorcycle chassis. I mean, they were all pastel coverings.

Their widespread medium-grade series is about girls from high-school junior men who start their own babysitting services. Each story is a pre-adolescent capsule undisturbed by social media or smartphones, or by the continuous spectrum of school shootings. It was a really innocent time in which Martin (and the fantasy writers who wrote volumes later on) offered an additional dose of restrained sweetness for primary schoolchildren anxious to read about the little older children.

The Club is not a franchise that can survive these cataclysmic days, when the President calls people names on Twitter, as young people face threats from racist police to the crisis of the climate, and the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed even friendly communities like BSC’s fictional Stoneybrowok, Conn. So it is a marvelous surprise that the new 10-episode Netflix series, which was scheduled to be launched on 3rd July, is not so much anachronism as a tonic.

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