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Respond to these rapid questions in our Death Note quiz and we will tell you which Death Note character are you. Play it now.

Light Yagami is a very smart young guy resenting crime and corruption throughout the world. In 2003, when he discovered a mysterious notebook, called “Death Note,” on earth, he underwent a profound transformation in life. Instructions from the Death Note state that if the person’s name is inscribed, he is killed. The light was skeptical about the legitimacy of the notebook. But Light realized that the death note was true after experimenting with it. After encountering the former owner of the Death Note. A Shinigami named Ryuk, Light tries to become ‘the God of the New World’ by judging people he considers bad.

Soon, the number of unexplainable deaths of the criminals recorded will be drawn to the attention of the IPO and a mysterious investigator known only as L. L soon finds that the assassin, known as Kira by the public, is located in Japan. L also comes to the conclusion that Kira can kill people without putting their finger on them. Light knows L is his worst foe and the beginning of a “cat and mouse” psychological war between the two.

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A mile from the protagonist also ended up becoming his most engaging Death Note figure, transforming Light Yagami, the honorary student, into a serial killer with a god complex that is truly a very interesting one, by the appellation of Kira.

Which Death Note Character are you

The way Light manipulates every one around him, though, makes him even more interesting to look at. Although his web of falsehoods is unraveled towards the end, in every sense of the term, the trip is nevertheless incredibly convincing. Also, you must try to play this Death Note quiz.

One of the best characters in anime’s history is the biggest detective in the world, and one only needs to look at the strange mannerisms and eccentric personality of the person to realize why. His complete being is constructed as a film for the beautiful and popular Light, even his origin as an orphan and his anti-social disposition.

L is more than his analytical side, however. He eventually forms a deep bond with Light and even considers him to be his only true friend, which makes his final moments even more terrible.

A Kira Investigation Teambuilding member, Matsuda begins as a key Death Note character with little more than comedic relief. But he’s also a decent shot and a talent for undercover work. In fact, he at one point offers his condolences to Kira only for his master Soichiro’s serious rebuke.

He’s happy and acknowledged most of the time weak. Put everything together, and Kira takes his life insufficiently seriously.

She always says everything is short, honest, and often so sharp.

About the quiz

At first, Rem’s love for Misa turns out to be the spark for his own demise, just as another Shinigami with a personality that confronts Ryuk. She ends up killing L and saving Mass by sacrificing herself.

Light Yagami is a brilliant high school pupil who is disregarding criminals in Tokyo, Japan. In the meantime, two shinigami, called Ryuk and Rem, talk about how miserable men are, before Ryuk, looking for entertainment, and put on the human world a supernatural notepad, dubbed “Death Note.” Light finds it in the streets and plays the name of a villain who holds a bunch of kids hostage (“Change the World”). Which Death Note character are you?

When Light flicks through his room’s Death Note, Ryuk emerges, identifying himself as the original owner of the notebook. He reveals that when the time comes to die he will write Light’s name within and that only those who have the Death Note would be able to see him.

As shown when the small sister of Light, Sayu, barges into the room, not knowing Ryuk’s presence totally. When she goes the Light shows that people have happily declared the killings the work of “Kira,” by utilizing the Internet to show Ryuk (derived from “killer”). Ryuk, pleased by the fact that “the hero” of the people is just a bright youngster, revealed that he had not chosen Light for his duty and just boredom away from the Death Note (“Kira”). Then, Light and Sayu will be performing in concert with Misa Amane, the legendary idol of Kira.

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