Which Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Character Are You?

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Respond to these rapid questions in our Diary Of A Wimpy Kid quiz and we will tell you which Diary Of A Wimpy Kid character are you? Play it now.

The launch of an intriguing, original new series told by an unforgettable child to which any family can relate

This is a new school year, and Greg Heffley gets stuck in secondary school, where underlying weak people share the hallways with younger, crueler, and already rubbed children.

Greg is glad to have Rowley, his sidekick, take part in this first volume in this debut series. But when the star of Rowley starts to rise, Greg tries to leverage the newfound notoriety of his best friend to his own advantage and launch an event chain that will hilariously test their friendship.

Author/illustrator Jeff Kinney recounts the increasing hardship of school life and presents a new type of hero that represents the challenges of a boy. “Just don’t expect me to be all this and all that ‘Dear Journal,’ as Greg says in its diary.” Fortunately for us, it’s two quite distinct things Greg Heffley says he won’t and he does.

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The Web edition of Diaries of a Wimpy Kid has been watched by 20 million unique online readers since it was launched in May 2004 on Funbrain.com. The average number of readers this year is 70,000.

Which Diary Of A Wimpy Kid character are you?

Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the narrative of Greg Heffley on the surface, a young mid-school teenage girl who takes the Cheese Touch Curse to save his girl. On a deeper level, the story is about his family and best buddy in his pursuit of popularity. This is an epistolary story, told in a sequence of journal entries. This special story aims to give lessons, such as loyalty, which we learn at this age. Also, you will find out which Diary Of A Wimpy Kid character are you in this quiz.

The book commences at the beginning of Greg’s first school year. He writes about Cheese Touch, a girlfriendly game that started his school year before. He has decided he’s going to be popular this year.

During his school year, Greg’s exploits span from terrible to positive in his pursuit for popularity. He refuses to sing in the school play because his brother filmed the show. In his friend Rowley Jefferson’s basement, he develops a spooky house that puts him into trouble. Greg brings Rowley’s hand to another scene by chance with a soccer player. He manages to achieve the job as a cartoonist in a popularity boost for his school paper. But he disguised applications he believed he exceeded to acquire it. He lost interest afterward, and Rowley took over the work.

Greg Heffley starts the Wimpy Kid’s Daily by saying it’s obviously not a “daily”. Because he fears others would make fun of him if they knew he was writing about his feelings.

About the quiz

Greg Lamento that “this entire popularity” thing has become so much more complicated at the beginning of the new school year. Now that he’s in middle school. Greg thinks he’ll be the most popular at his school, “around 52nd or 53rd” only. But he wants to advance up the school hierarchy.

Greg’s best (and only) buddy at present, though, is Rowley, who doesn’t care what people think of him. Greg has undertaken many plans in the first few months of the school to try to become more popular and to increase his social position. He tries to enter a shrouded house in the cellar of Rowley but finds Rowley’s dad’s difficulties. He is appalled that Fregley, the only light-weight lad to wrestle with Greg, was partnering in the physical education class, but his attempts to acquire muscle by lifting don’t go as intended, because he hates exercise.

Greg’s life also has additional challenges. He is living in horror of the ‘Cheese,’ a moldy piece of cheese left on the basketball field, which will condemn everyone who touches the ‘Cheese Touch’ and the social literacy. Such as teenagers who splash him and Rowley on Halloween with water. Greg loves to play video games, but his dad always tells him to go out to enjoy the sunshine or punish him with video gaming. And maybe the worst of all, Greg’s mother has him play the school audition. Greg is cast as a tree in The Wizard of Oz, but after he pelts the lead actress with apples. He manages to sabotage and shut the whole play down.

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which diary of a wimpy kid character are you
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