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Respond to these rapid questions in our Golden Girl quiz and we will tell you which Golden Girl are you. Play it now.

The Golden Girls was first established in 1985 and was a smash that attracted many audiences for a new premise – the life of four elderly women who share companionship, a house, and a lot of cheesecake. In recent decades, thanks to the often-runs and streaming platforms, the award-winning series Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty acquired new generations of fans. Check out 10 facts about the golden girls and their actresses that have played them so memorably:

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The autumn of 1984 marks the starting point for the NBC programs for potentially advertising advertisements, the actresses Doris Roberts and Selma Diamond, who played in hit NBC’s Remington Steele and Night Courts. This couple admired a bit the next Miami Vice Cop Show, transforming the premise into a show called Miami Nice where pensioners play cards together in a Florida retirement community. The satire impressed the crowd and gave birth to the concept for a series with NBC producers, and it preserved its Miami Nice work moniker in its early phases, until being eventually turned into The Golden Girls.

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A decade before the launch of The Golden Girls, Arthur performed in Maude, a spinoff of All in the Family, in which she played the radical liberal feminist anti-Archie Bunker. The show made news for its acceptance of contentious subjects, including an episode of abortion in which Maude discovered she had been pregnant in her late 40s. McClanahan was the best buddy from Maude’s college, Vivian. Also, you must try to play this Golden Girls quiz.

The Sophia character was planned to be only sometimes a guest star when the show had originally been shown, Dorothy’s cunning mother stoping for a trip. Sophia became so popular — or, as they say in Hollywood, she tested with preview crowds. Also, according to Mental Floss, the producers swiftly became her regular role.

Furthermore, in the episode, Getty played Sophia, the old lady, with her sharp tongue. And her daughter Dorothy often threatened to take her away to the nursing facility of Shady Pines. However, Getty, who has played Dorothy and Getty, was a year younger than Arthur, spent a great deal of time in the maquillage, and became her elderly little woman. According to Mental Floss, the oldest actor in the cast was White.

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White revealed a blow to her psyche at a 2006 interview at the Paley Center. She was meant originally to portray the seductive Blanche rather than the dairy-fed Rose. McClanahan’s girl from Minnesota farmer, Rose, was also slated to play. With McClanahan’s tales about St.Olaf, the play would have looked totally different. Whereas White welcomed the gorgeous people to parade onto the lanai.

The glorious story of Dorothy Zbornak (the majestic, the teacher Bea Arthur), the sweet-native Dorothy Zbornak, widow Rose Nylund, (Betty White), who was as sweetly naive as Dorothy was a bitter, the Southern Belle man-eater Blanche Devereaux, (“I might get herpes just listening to the story,” says Dorothy in an anecdote), and Sofia (Estelle Getty). The Octogenarian motto of Dorothy. Which Golden Girl are you?

Where a new generation of fans got the taste of watching four actors with a zillion years of experience. And talent to combine something that was still bigger than the sum of its pieces together. Also, the stars would knock every line out from the park week after week (as it was in the pre-Binge period).

It’s a nostalgia journey for those of us elderly enough to recall it the first time. Rose is as wonderfully puzzled as you recall about how she grew up in the small town of Minnesota. (‘We say that in St Olaf Christmas is like St Sigmund’s day without a headless boy without a fruitcake!’) The affectionate strain of mother-girl interactions is still embodied by Dorothy and Sofia. (“Dorothy, Jealousy is nonsense.

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