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Respond to these rapid questions in our Hill House quiz and we will tell you which Hill House character are you? Play it now.

Trauma constructs walls. They keep going up unattended left. You’ll soon be caught up in an established house. Lengthy halls that lead nowhere, empty rooms, open doors, and shut by a slam in the weather. You mount the stairs, crying out through the windows, longing for a way out, lost in the maze of personal tragedy. Some of us have a breakaway. It doesn’t some of us.

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Netflix is using Shirley Jackson’s iconic novel as a roadmap to explore this house-by-body metaphor. The Haunting of Hill House, with deep and precise sensitivity. Creator and filmmaker MikeFlanagan uses the hollow halls of a mansion that is disordered and tells the narrative of the troubled family living there to create a unique haunted house fable—abandoning the book’s paranormal research plot. The secret ghosts of Hill House are not faceless spooks caught in the spiritual worlds, they are personal manifestations for the humans whom they haunt. This is not so much a paranormal narrative as a meditation on how tragedy and sorrow make people dull. And as hell, it’s frightening.

Which Hill House character are you?

Hill House follows the Crain family who in the early ’90s moved into the homonymous mansion to reverse it, sell it, and use wealth to create their “former house.” His wife and father Olivia (Carla Gugino) are a freely dreaming dream with motherly love that glimms off the screen. His wife is a devotee of his father and husband, a loving, devoted man. Also, you will find out which Hill House character are you in this quiz.

The Haunting of Hill House lacks an exact explanation as to how the evil inside this place. And has come to be one of the best and the most horrific features. It’s the hunting house because it’s just that. Also, whoever passes through the front door is prone to a paranormal trip. Hallucinations, delusions, hours wasted, momentary jumps in time and time. Then, if you die there you’re a house forever, as the many marvelously horrific souls which come, often literally, over the whole series show. Furthermore, most of the Hill family, William Hill most grotesquely. Who sculpted themselves in the basement in 1948 behind a wall.

Then, this seems ultimate to be the objective of the home and as many far-sighted souls as possible within itself, feeding in their ultimate moments all agony. Also, for a f*cked up the machine, they are like fuel. The house urges you to participate freely, convincing the living that reality is a dream and that death is the only route back to waking life.

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The home isn’t so different than other classic monsters; Also, it’s a zombie who consumes brains, a vampire that sweats blood, a shark that sweats away goods. The house is hungry, like the scariest beasts. Nell Crain best characterizes the ending as her permanent residence: “I’m like a small monster-sucked thing entire, and the monster has my minuscule movements within.”

The ghost of Nell tells in the last episode that Hill’s Red Room is the “stomach.” Throughout the Crain’s stay in the dark house, Hugh Crain took a hammer and a chisel to the front of the door and remained tightly shut down. Furthermore, no surprise she remained shut – each time the room opens up, it’s something else depending on who wants to go in and dress up as an additional room to – get this – “digest” anyone within.

Digesting your family, like Olivia Crain, takes the form of within your skull and brainwashing them progressively. That makes them sensitive to the effects of fantasies roaming the corridors. Shirley’s Red Room, for example, is the family room, Theo’s a dance studio, for Steven a playroom, Luke’s Treehouse, Olivia’s reading room, and Nell’s cup of stars. Notice how rarely did Hugh see fantasies? For her, fortunately…

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