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Respond to these rapid questions in our Secret History quiz and we will tell you which Secret History character are you? Play it now.

The Secret Story is one of the primary protagonists of the book, the first-person story given by Richard Papen. Papen is an 18-year-old man who tells a narrative about his previous college fellows. At 19, Papen goes to Vermont’s Hampden College for his studies in Plano, California. Papen meets Bunny, Henry Winter, Francis Abernathy, and Charles and Camilla Macaulay, which are common twins. Together they meet Edmund Corcoran and they meet him. The pupils will enroll in the classical Greek language. A professor named Julian Morrow is teaching the six students saved for Papen. Morrow. Professor Morrow is a famous individual with high and powerful hobnobs.

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The four students attempt to replicate the ceremonial traditional performers and kill a farmer. Bunny positively recognizes the four students as the killers after reading a magazine that describes the death of the farmer. The kids think Bunny will expose them and make them difficult. They resolve to remove him, therefore. The students say it was an accident but that Bunny dies instantly.

Which Secret History character are you?

The Secret History, published in 1992, is Pulitzer Prize’s debut novel, and Andrew Carnegie Medal-winning writer Donna Tartt, The Little Friend (2002) and the Goldfinch are all outstanding publications (2013). The tale recounts the lives of Vermont’s six lively classic students. Both the characters of the novel and its institutional context are partially based on Tartt’s own experience as a Bennington College student.

Edmund Corcoran – named “Bunny,” is one of the six classic students – Henry Winter, Francis Dochnathy and Charles MacAulay, and Richard Papen, the narrator of the tale. The six pupils under professor Julian Morrow study Greek — and most of their other classes. Julian is a mysterious, affluent man who loves his subject very much. He puts his kids on a pedestal, sure that they can do nothing wrong while he may have been subject to the federal government’s monitoring. Ties with kings and famous people alike, tomorrow. Also, you will find out which Secret History character are you in this quiz.

Furthermore, the ensemble is completely immersed in Greek culture, tales, myths, and language. Henry seems to be affected most. The core of the history relates to a series of Bacchanal performances by Henry, Francis, Camilla, and Charles, an ancient Greek ceremony designed to allow the participants to communicate with Dionysus. The rite is legendary because it was never reproduced in the same way the Greeks did it thousands of years ago. Also, the four students manage to re-create the rite via a lot of trial and error.

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Because of the killing, Bunny, who was booted out because of his lack of commitment to the rite, starts challenging the four pupils. Also, everything begins to break down and friendships turn from threats, extortion, drinking, and sometimes even insanity. Then, it is never obvious why this happens, beyond the almost insane yearning to belong to Richard.

Also, Bunny’s episodes are sufficiently extreme that Henry chooses to kill him. Then, the assassination, planned to look like an accident, takes place in the early spring.

The Secret History is the first novel of Donna Tartt. Also, the mystery of a sudden, over-refined style has already gained Tartt a romance of media attention, a romantic dream of the doomed young, a disquisition of ancient and contemporary mothers. As Vanity Fair’s readers know, Tartt is small and lonely; but even as a Bennington student she has gained a name as a writer and a woman of style: ‘If at 4 a.m., you’d find her at her desk with a white t-shirt, perfectly pressed and buttoned to the top, collars, knife pins.’

Furthermore, and throughout her novel style is constantly confused with content. It’s the narrative of the young man Richard Papen who came to the East Coast college named Hampden, born unbelieved by the unlovely parents of aggressive California, who flees to the faux English pleasures. Richard is once drawn to sight by a group of excentric students who, dressed as Ralph Lauren’s advertisement, have rolled-up umbrellas, write with ink styluses, holiday in Europe, and only study classics, (‘s beautiful starchy shirts with French cuffs;

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