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Respond to these rapid questions in our The Middle quiz and we will tell you which The Middle character are you? Play it now.

The Hecks return on the road afterward. The children are in the backseat with phone information and rents tell them not to be able to go beyond their boundaries. Axl advises that his people take him away from the family plan, which ends in making a snap for Frankie. She says to pull Mike over and gets out of her vehicle. She says, “I’ve been trying, Axl. “I was trying cool so you were going to return and visit… But what are you aware of? I am not that cool. I’m not cool. With this, I’m not OK.

All of them go to a group embrace, then Frankie promises that they are always on the same data plan. Then, they return to the automobile and continue to Denver, but on the other side of the road, they forget about the blue food. Then we are provided with a flash, showing where all the Heck children are going:

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The reactions are drastically different when Axl disconnects with his brothers Sue (Eden Sher) and Brick (Atticus Shaffer). True to Sue, she’s thrilled and hysterical because she is excited to give him a unique moment of goodbye before he leaves. As for Brick, he begins to measure their space for remodeling immediately. We, therefore, know where he is when the departure of Axl occurs.

Which The Middle character are you?

Axl feels he has 30 days to bind loose ends when they get ready for his farewell. It’s FULL of time. Mike then reads his offer of work. As Axl appears to have difficulties with monthly numbers, it turns out that he has no 30 days till his employment begins — just 4 days. Yeah, for a couple of days.

Axl starts to fit into 4 for thirty days. All the time, when Axl goes home, Frankie tries to play it casually. Because she’s trying to be easy-breezy, so she doesn’t want to appear clinging. But we know that on the basis of the opening, she only drives down all these sentiments of sorrow. It’s just a question of time to bubble to an emotional hot spot—we’re not going to get there. Also, you will find out which The Middle character are you in this quiz.

The family will take Axl to Denver after they know that there is a company car in Denver. For this reason, the winner takes his old car between Sue and Brick. A bit upset is Sue, and Brick. Axl finds him later in the car, and then they both have a heart-to-heart. Brick acknowledges that it will be difficult no longer to have him and he says “I will miss you,” in his own way.

The Middle came to an emotional end Friday night in a two-part final (May 22) after nine years and nine seasons on the air, as we say goodbye to the Heck family.

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After Axl (Charlie McDermott) tells his parents Frankie and Mike (Neil Flynn), he plans to take on a job in Denver, the family goes on a road trip throughout the episode. During that episode.

He also relays news of Sue (Eden Sher) and Brick (Atticus Shaffer), who reacts with a mix of frenzy and exhilaration – the latter will take Axl’s place immediately to measure it.

But Axl has discovered that he mistreated how much time he needed to prepare for the job, and he needs to do all of it in four instead of having 30 days. No simple task. Not easy.

Then, the entire family heads to Denver to take Axl away for the new chapter in his life, while Sean (Beau Wirick) returns to the photo and declares his love for Sue. Aww.

Most of the episode shows that Frankie tries to cling on to her oldest kid who leaves the nest, however it all eventually floods to the end.

We’ve also got an epilog that shows the family what’s going on, and drums… Brick has been made a highly popular book series while Sue and Sean finally are married, and Axl has three Axl-like boys.

However, one of the most heartbreaking parts is the ending, as Frankie says, “We certainly had a lot for everything we didn’t have.”

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