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Respond to these rapid questions in our While We Are Young quiz and we will tell you which While We Are Young character you are. Play it now.

“While We’re Young,” the newest movie by Noah Baumbach, opens with a picture of a cute baby and a lullaby version of “Golden Years” by David Bowie playing in the background. It’s a contrast that sums up the movie’s push-pull between experience and youthful hope, as well as the harmony it achieves between zealous ambition and subdued resignation.

It is obvious that Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts’ portrayals of Baumbach’s central couple, a long-married couple who have no children and are in their mid-40s, are protesting too much when they talk about how happy they are. But they can’t help but get dragged into the vibrant vortex of a lively pair in their mid-20s when they strike up an unusual connection with them. As both a writer and a filmmaker, Baumbach enables us to laugh at the older couple’s sudden enthusiasm for life, whether it takes the form of a hip-hop dance lesson or a fashionable fedora. He is likewise kind to Stiller and Watts’ characters in their awkward blunders because they are the same age as him. They are us, and he is them.

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Through the characters of Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried, he also presents a biting yet warm satire of Brooklyn hipster culture, mocking it for its absurdity and pervasiveness as well as for the way it makes the rest of us feel hopelessly old. The accuracy of the details is delightful. These are the people that make their own artisan ice cream, get everywhere by bicycle, enjoy board games, and exclusively listen to vinyl records for music. (One of their favorites is the classic Lionel Richie song “All Night Long”). However, there is a catch: Despite the fact that Driver, Seyfried, and their friends are actively retro, they also exhibit a generational entitlement, which is the belief that they should be able to have whatever they want right now without having to put in a lot of effort to obtain it.
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Contrarily, Stiller’s Josh has spent the last ten years working way too hard on a complex and protracted documentary about intellectualism, power, and other topics; I won’t even bother attempting to describe it to you because seeing Josh attempt to do so is hilarious enough. His wife Cornelia is a capable and seasoned producer, and her father, Charles Grodin, an underutilized actor, is a Maysles or Pennebaker-like genre pioneer. Josh longs for such esteem and fame, but he hasn’t yet attained it. More so than the role he played in Baumbach’s more dramatic “Greenberg,” the character is a natural fit for Stiller’s distinctive blend of restlessness and self-deprecation.

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Nevertheless, Josh is revived when Jamie, played by Driver, a warm-hearted and wide-eyed student who is auditing the college course Josh is teaching. Aspiring documentarian himself, he rapidly becomes Josh’s new best buddy. In the meantime, Darby, played by Seyfried’s foul-mouthed Jamie’s wife and frequent companion, makes friends with Cornelia and dazzles her with an effortless cool. Baumbach skillfully illustrates the disparities between the lifestyles of these two spouses through his brisk and skillful use of montage and production design.
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As “While We’re Young” sharply parodies a certain subculture of hyper-articulate New Yorkers and the way its characters attempt to stave off the gloom of aging by clinging to figures who radiate the exotic promise of youth, there are hints of Woody Allen at work here. But it also examines the narcissism that can arise from settling into a complacent life of children and domesticity, as demonstrated by Adam Horovitz and Maria Dizzia in their roles as Josh and Cornelia’s former best friends. (Better known as Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys, Horovitz is fantastic in this; he comes across as a complete natural and an unexpected source of calm and stability in a movie full of upheaval.)

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However, “While We’re Young” takes a turn in the third act as it attempts to resolve certain moral conundrums, and ultimately falls flat. As Josh utilizes his natural curiosity to uncover some disturbing truths—both about himself and his new friends—it grows angrier and heavier. As the film reaches its very public climax, it feels like a completely different and worse film.
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“While We’re Young” is one of several Baumbach films that features intelligent but immature characters torturing one another (“The Squid and the Whale,” “Margot at the Wedding”) After certain earth-shattering revelations, the film’s perceptive and caustic humor that makes the first two-thirds so light and fun is replaced with true empathy for Stiller’s character, which ultimately helps Baumbach to control his urge slightly.

The movie “While We’re Young” looks for the hazy line that we all cross once we reach middle age, finds it, and tramples all over it, but it does so with consideration for those of us who have already taken the trip and managed to survive with some semblance of dignity.

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