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Based on your personality, this 2021 Among Us quiz reveals your role, skin tone, eye color, animal companion, and even headwear! Start the test to find out which gaming character best matches you.

The Among Us Quiz (Based on the 2021 Update)

A new update from Innersloth has been released, and it adds two new jobs, a number of colors, cosmetics, and a map. The new features are all present in the Among Us quiz on this page. As a result, you might look like a banana or fit the position of a scientist or sheriff.

Is This an Among Us Color Quiz?

No and yes. The test’s main objective is to determine which character from “Which Among Us” you are. However, it also gives you details about your skin, headwear, pet, and color.

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How Does the Test Work?

Quiz 2021 Among Us uses a variety of exercises to assess your personality. You will be attending to the captain’s wishes and resolving any issues that may arise while aboard an imagined airship. Then our spies will ascertain what sort of character you are in the world of the Innersloth. What you discover about yourself by taking the test is detailed below.

Determining Your Among Us Role

Imposter, Crewmate, Ghost, Sheriff, and Scientist are the five currently recognized positions in the game. The Among Us Characters is another name for the parts. What each of them in the video game implies is listed below.

Revealing Your Skin

Find out which skin is most effective for you by taking our Among Us questionnaire. The most popular skins that we might recommend for your character are shown below.







Choosing the Best Color for Your Personality

Want to know which color from Among Us! best represents your personality? By taking our quiz, you enable us to recommend the color that best fits your persona and character.

Giving You a Pet!

Our Among Us quiz can also tell you which animal you would relate to the most. Here are a few of the options.





a little crewmate




What Do Among Us Colors Mean? (Analytical Review)

More than 12 colors are used in the game. However, the majority of gamers think that your character’s skin tone says something about who you are. Here is what you need to know about the science of colors before completing the quiz Among Us.


A psychopath with a craving for blood is a red Among Us character. The majority of the time, players that select this color are bored when they are not the Imposter.


“Blues are too melancholy to kill somebody,” some people claim. That could be the case. However, as blue symbolizes trust, imposter-like acts are simpler from their perspective.


Gamers who select green tend to follow other players like insecure people among Us. They are frequently accused of being the Imposter because of this.


You are an innocent-appearing murderer if your quiz score was pink.


You dislike murdering if your character in The Among Us is yellow. That is why you are terrible at being a fake, but amazing at being a crew member.


You are the dubious party. The participants in the Among Us quiz who receive black results are typically the cold-blooded killers who do not be promptly kicked out.


Especially when it comes to completing your tasks, you are always on time. Cyan

The super-sus is another name for your persona. The default Imposter candidate is Cyan.

Other Colors

Consider the Among Us! Take the quiz to receive a thorough study of the other colors in the game.

Let’s Find Out Which Among Us Character You Are

You are prepared to enter the Skeld, carry out your duties, and reveal your true self. Remember that we are looking for any shady or chauvinistic behavior that could turn you into a sus. Therefore, try your best to pass for a crew member to avoid being removed.


None of the pictures used in the Among Us quiz belong to QuizExpo. All the images in question belong to Innersloth. If you own any and would like them to be taken down, kindly contact us.

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