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by Samantha Stratton

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Respond to these rapid questions in our Ghosted quiz and we will tell you which Ghosted character you are. Play it now.

A romantically desperate vendor named Cole and lonely Sadie meet at a Washington, D.C. farmers’ market. After a fun-filled all-night date that ends in sex, Cole goes home, but Sadie doesn’t respond to his texts. Cole’s sister believes Sadie is “ghosting” him, but after finding her using a tracker on his inhaler that he unintentionally left in her bag, their parents persuade him to surprise Sadie in London. Cole is kidnapped in London by arms dealers who mistake him for “the Taxman,” a legendary CIA agent. Cole is then taken to Pakistan. He is saved by Sadie, who exposes herself to be the Taxman, before he can be tortured with insects to get a passcode. They manage to elude Cole’s captors, who are working for Leveque, a former French Intelligence agent who is selling a stolen bio-weapon named “Aztec” and who requires the password after leading them on a chase through the Khyber Pass.
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When they arrive in a nearby town, Cole and Sadie argue about the lies they told one another and run into Marco, a former lover and contact of Sadie. He offers to take Cole home after cautioning Cole that Sadie is more concerned with a mission’s success than the lives of her men. After Leveque places a bounty on Cole’s head, a series of bounty hunters interfere with their plan; Marco is killed, but the bounty hunters all end up killing each other. Sadie is determined to rescue Aztec and uses Cole as bait after learning that Leveque is looking for the passcode. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Ghosted quiz. Leveque accepts Cole from Sadie and departs on a plane with Sadie, Cole, and the locked container containing Aztec while leaving his goon, Wagner. When Wagner finds a picture of Cole and Sadie in bed together on Cole’s phone, their cover is exposed. However, Cole parachutes to safety with the Aztec case and a hurt Sadie. Cole treats Sadie after arriving on Socotra Island and rekindles their relationship in the process. When Leveque’s men ambush them, Wagner flees with the case while Cole and Sadie are saved by American Marines.

Ghosted Quiz

Sadie is put on administrative leave at the CIA’s main office after losing Aztec. She tries to make amends for endangering Cole, but Cole is upset by her insistence on putting her goal before anything else. He assists in cracking the passcode and consents to continue to pose as the Taxman in order to seduce Leveque with the promise of payment for the passcode. Leveque kills the spies watching Cole after meeting him at a rotating restaurant with his own Aztec customer, Mr. Utami. Cole’s confidence in Sadie is restored when she shows there, and she decides to sell the passcode to Mr. Utami for $10 million instead. They are quickly surrounded by bounty hunters after she uses the money to post a bounty on Leveque. Also, you will find out which character are you in this Ghosted quiz. A shooting breaks out, injuring the rotating gear and rapidly whirling the eatery. Utami is shot by Leveque, while Wagner is killed by Cole by being thrown into the machine. Sadie just escapes losing the Aztec device while sending Leveque plummeting through a window to his death. Sadie and Cole rekindle their romance while spending time together in-between and during her missions. They also meet Cole’s family.

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