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Early in the 20th century, English lawyer R. M. Renfield and Transylvanian vampire Count Dracula cross paths. After proving to be a valuable aide, Renfield ends up becoming Dracula’s familiar, giving him the ability to remain immortal and acquiring extraordinary strength and speed when he feeds bugs. Renfield tries to make a deal for some property.

Ninety years later, Renfield is jaded and worn out from delivering victims to Dracula and enduring his mistreatment. The two come to New Orleans to recover after recently having a close call with some vampire hunters who nearly killed the count. There, Renfield finds a 12-step self-help group for those in co-dependent relationships, and he makes plans to track down and kill the abusive partners in the group so Dracula can eat them without feeling guilty. Renfield is met by numerous criminals after pursuing one to a warehouse full of stolen drugs before they are all attacked by an assassin hired by the rival Lobo crime family.

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An exhausted Renfield brings the bodies back to Dracula’s hideaway in the basement of the run-down Charity Hospital after executing the assassin but fails in his attempt to find Teddy Lobo, the man who hired him. Teddy comes meets Rebecca Quincy, a second-generation police officer, who is manning a sobriety checkpoint. After Teddy throws cocaine bricks at Quincy, she arrests Teddy. Teddy is sprung from jail at the police station by dishonest cops, and Rebecca gets into a fight with her sister Kate, an FBI agent.
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Renfield is informed by Dracula that the number of convicts he has brought are insufficient, and that the vampire actually craves the blood of a pure and innocent person. Rebecca is also directed there by hints from the crime scene as Renfield enters a restaurant to kidnap normal people. The two are involved in an attempt on Rebecca’s life that Teddy has been coerced into carrying out in order to restore the Lobos’ ferocious reputation. As a result of Renfield and Rebecca’s self-defense, several gang members are killed, and Teddy is able to flee.

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Teddy’s mother Bellafrancesca gives him the assignment to find the perpetrator of her footsoldiers’ deaths; in the process, he meets Dracula while Renfield is gone. While Renfield has taken to heart the teachings of his self-help group and decides to make a life for himself apart from his master, the two agree to form an alliance. Renfield sets up an apartment, adopts a friendly attitude, and provides a statement to the police to aid them in their attempt to finally put an end to the Lobos. When Dracula discovers Renfield’s treachery, he massacres the supporters in front of his former minion.
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Renfield is surrounded by dead bodies when Rebecca shows up, prompting her to capture him before being attacked by corrupt police officers and the Lobos, who also desire Renfield’s revenge. Rebecca struggles to escape with Renfield after refusing to turn him over, taking a bullet in the process. The following morning, Rebecca discovers that Renfield has saved her life, and he reveals his real background while reiterating his desire to change. The two battle crooked police officers and Lobo goons who invade the flat with the intention of killing them and fleeing, but when Rebecca tries to call Kate, she learns that Kate has been kidnapped by Dracula and Bellafrancesca. When she and Renfield prepare to storm the Lobos’ headquarters, they stockpile weapons and bugs only to discover that Dracula has given more than a dozen gang members, including Teddy, all of Renfield’s supernatural abilities.

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Renfield kills Teddy after a fight. When Rebecca arrives to stop Dracula, she discovers that Kate has been severely injured and can only be saved by the healing powers of Dracula’s blood, which he will provide in exchange for Rebecca’s loyalty. Dracula is tricked into agreeing by Rebecca, who then injures him by exposing him to sunlight. This final confrontation between Dracula and Renfield and Rebecca finishes with the two of them working together to imprison Dracula in a magical circle.
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By beating Dracula to pieces, taking his life-giving blood, and turning the fragments of his corpse into concrete blocks that they disperse throughout the water system, Renfield and Rebecca either finally kill the vampire or at the very least make it exceedingly difficult for him to reassemble his body. When Renfield feels ready to start over, he heals Kate and later brings his self-help group friends back to life.

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