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Respond to these rapid questions in our Halloween Ends quiz and we will tell you which Halloween Ends character you are. Play it now.

In my assessment of the 2018 “Halloween” reboot, I stated that the production crew “really didn’t understand what made the first film a classic.” Not to be that person, but the confusing “Halloween Ends” more than proves my point if the disorganized “Halloween Kills” didn’t. What makes this sequel so peculiar is that, despite its admirable attempts to cap out the trilogy in a unique way, Green and his crew are unable to marry their apparent ambition to anything that makes sense. “Halloween Ends” is hardly a “Halloween” movie, much like the critique of the notoriously divided “Halloween 3: Season of the Witch”—and some of the structure is purposefully a tribute to that diversion from the Michael Myers template. It introduces a new antagonist and spends far too much time on a poorly developed young love story instead of concluding what was started in the previous movie, but it always comes back to Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), even though the convoluted path these movies took to get there robbed the final showdown of any sense of urgency. It also doesn’t help that everyone is aware that the film’s title is a fabrication. In the future, there will be another “Halloween” film, which will make this unusual digression in the background of a horror legend even stranger. Although it doesn’t seem as interesting, “Halloween Pauses.”

“Halloween Ends” debuts in 2019 with a new character named Corey Cunningham rather than picking up after the mayhem of the last movie that resulted in Judy Greer’s Karen Nelson’s death—a dumb decision that still irritates me (the downright bad Rohan Campbell, poorly directed to a dull performance). He is watching a young child in Haddonfield who is a little shaken by all the murders going on in the neighborhood. When the youngster tries to pull a practical joke on Corey, it leads to an accident that kills the impolite child, making Corey a social outcast. Three years later, Laurie is still writing her biography and residing with her granddaughter Allyson, with entirely too much voiceover on the essence of evil and other such things (Andi Matichak).

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After being taunted by several marching band tough guys—possibly a first in film history—Corey begins to crumble. He finds Michael Myers in a sewer, where the two essentially become BFFs and wreak havoc on Haddonfield. The somewhat ambitious premise appears to be that evil may manifest in regular people, including a typical babysitter whose life is devastated by an accident as opposed to merely well-known villains like Michael Myers. Allyson is unable to recognize Corey’s actual wickedness and instead grows more enamored with the brooding lunatic because, well, it’s a movie. Corey ends up becoming essentially infected by the Myers’ evil. It would be an understatement to say that the romance between Corey and Allyson is poorly written and unrealistic. Simply put, it’s done horribly in every manner.
But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Halloween Ends quiz.

In comparison to the other two films, a startling amount of “Halloween Ends” is badly done, with clunkier editing, framing, and writing. It appears as though the crew was hired to make this one as a contractual necessity and was rushing to finish it as soon as possible. However, they also had to make a “Halloween” movie. It is more likely that Green and his team had a very ambitious film idea about the essence of evil and how terrified communities can breed violent loners. This movie is torn apart by the two ideas that are pushing and pulling against one another. What initially seems promising turns out to be stupid, as Green is unable of even pulling off a quality kill, eliminating some victims in this scene with startlingly forgettable monotony. Only a DJ experiences a memorable death. And we are aware that everything is building up to Laurie vs. Michael, which had so much potential in 2018 but has lost all of its influence.

Halloween Ends Quiz

If this is the end, it comes with a whimper rather than a bang.
Also, you will find out which character are you in this Halloween Ends quiz.

Today, both in cinemas and on Peacock.

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