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Respond to these rapid questions in our Harry Potter House Quiz and we will tell you which Hogwarts House you belong to. Play it now.

Gryffindor is the best-known and intelligible house next to Slytherin because it is the head of the brand and its friends. It is a house with many good attributes, making it a great abode for the heroes of the story.

Gryffindors are brave and brave above all. The home is based on the courage of their members who stand up against fear, anger, and suffering and who, despite this dread, reward the fortitude to overcome fear and undertake hard activities.

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In addition, Gryffindors are audacious and inclined to jump to and deal with difficult problems. They are also daring and are looking for inspiring excitement and enjoyment. A Gryffindor’s other good features are its always outstanding loyalty.

Hufflepuffs have many positive qualities, including loyalty and hard work are essential characteristics. They are a house, which sticks to their pals and they are incredibly caring. They work hard and have a different ethic, but it is just as good, if not better. Your humility influences your hard work because you don’t boast; you just embrace any job challenge and perform this as you can. Strong, fair, modest, and wise, Hufflepuffs take any heart or wizard, frequently making the house a poor rap, but an admirable feature.

Harry Potter House Quiz

Ravenclaws values search for, and loves understanding, in particular. Naturally, intelligence is good and is the main feature of a Ravenclaw, therefore Hermione Granger is almost sorted into the house. They are clever, funny, and wise and, on top of that, they are creative and original with many of its members possessing an aura of eccentricity. They are academically motivated, innovative, and proud of their thoughts.

The Slytherin ideology focuses on ambition, the search for greatness, success, the setting and achievement of objectives, and then the setting and working towards further objectives and them, too. In the Slytherin House, on average, the people are extremely clever, clever, and have a fantastic sense of resourcefulness. Slytherins are also natural and are of very loyal quality, like Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.

The Slytherin house motto may possibly be: “the end is right for the media.” To achieve their goals, Slytherins often perform morally uncertain acts. That can be positive (as you’re willing to dirty your hands to do things when other households can be scared), but it can make them look cold and calculating, too.

Outside World Disconnection: Ravenclaws live within their own minds therefore they can find themselves as ambiguous, disconnected, or unselfish. Some of them dislike others and the outside world, but they just do not see that their persistent daydreaming in particular settings is unsuitable.

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Naivety: Hufflepuffs are usually optimistic and can find the good in everybody, although they can be naive. They can be deceived and taken advantage of if they are not vigilant.

Because they’re brave and audacious, Gryffindors can respond instantly and disregard rationality, resulting in hot-headedness and sometimes short-tempering. Harry chases Draco Malfoy from The Philosopher’s Stone into heaven on the broom for a very trivial insult, but he has never flown before and is seriously at risk.

Your home consists of people with whom you live, study with them, play Quidditch, and everything between you. You spend with them essentially 24/7. Your abode in Hogwarts is apart from home.

This Sorting Hat chooses with whose “family” you spend seven years.

For some, it’s pretty clear which house they are going to be in because of particular characteristics. For others, they can illustrate characteristics that fit a number of houses and where they end up.

You can take the official Harry Potter Sorting Hat questionnaire on quizience.com to find out where you belong. For every one of you, the house and what your house says about you are these characteristics:

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