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Take this Teen Wolf quiz to test how much you know the show. If you can answer at least 85% of the questions then you can call yourself a real fan.

When are you late for a party, you know? As late, all the delicious sticks are gone, and only a few dried carrots and some crusty hummus are left (as, honestly who wants crudités while drunk)? Perhaps in a bowl that once was fed with lovely puffs of cheese, perhaps there is some orange polish. All of them are hammered up and they all dance, go away or speak too loudly, and in the kitchen a couple is squabbling, clogging up the fridge. What are you doing? What are you doing? You can slink away from home and cut off your losses. Or you can take a mystery booze bottle from the cabinet of cocktail and neck shots until it is funny.

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And in this spirit, I’m just four weeks after the first four-season premiers presenting my introductory recap of Teen Wolf one or three seasons!

The uninitiated person is not so much like MTV’s Teen Wolf in his 1985 film. Although they focus on Scott and Stiles’ best pals and the ways they handle Scott’s recently acquired wolfy skills, these children are far hipper, sexier than Fox has ever been.

Teen Wolf quiz

Teen Wolf came into the scene in 2011 in Beacon Hills, a fictional city in Beacon County. The series is a mixture of humor and horror with a focus on romance and family and high-school ties based on influences, such as Buffy the vampire slayer, the lost boys, and Stand By Me. In the first season, Scott McCall (in Teen Wolf there are six packages even of social outcasts) hardships and tribulations by asthmatics and nerdy birds bit by a wolf while looking for a dead body in the woods with his closest friend Stiles, son of the local sheriff.

Between 2011 and 2017, Teen Wolf was on a typically screened TV-vers MTV, a show about a shy adolescent who is abruptly converted into a wolf. The series bases itself largely on the 1985 identical picture and was a smash for the channel immediately. Tyler Posey is named Scott McCall, his best buddy Stilinski is Dylan O’Brien, Allison Argent is Crystal Reed, he is a first-time friend of Scott and a member of a werewolf hunting family, and Lydia Martin is the best friend of Allison. As Derek Hale, Scott’s werewolf mentor, Tyler Hoechlin rounds out the cast. Also, you must try to play this Teen Wolf quiz.

Wolf’s teenage boys ran for six seasons — technically — whereas seasons 3, 5, and 6 each featured two sections, A and B. While striving to withstand the ups and downs of high school at the same time, Scott and his buddies assume a supernatural enemy each season. In conclusion, 100 episodes were shown, a tremendous triumph for the mysterious young drama. MTV has already spoken several times about restoring it. This is how it all tied up, what it could mean for future regeneration.

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An animal named Anuk-Ite, a frightening two-faced monster appears in the final season. This is particularly true in Sioux’s folklore in native American mythology. A bit like Medusa is the Anuk-it. You turn to stone when you meet his eyes – something you definitely want to avoid. Throughout the whole season, Scott has always been concerned about what he wants to do and has been mentoring his beta, Liam Dunbar, so he can take on the role of alpha one day that will open an Anuk-it.

So, lovers of Teen Wolf. We’ve finished the season, and I’m quite eager in seeing how everyone feels goodbye to the program. However, let’s talk about what happened when Scott and his group came up against the Anuk-Ite, Gerard, and a whole bunch of angry hunters before we get to anyone’s comments.

They go to Los Angeles together as Scott tells us: “I will tell you a story. They are going to go back to Los Angeles. Perhaps it sounds familiar. This boy was there—16, running for his life alone. But he could hear them approaching closer. And he couldn’t see them.

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teen wolf quiz
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