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Respond to these rapid questions in our Jai Bhim quiz and we will tell you which Jai Bhim character you are. Play it now.

Rajakannu and Sengeni, a couple from the persecuted Irula clan, toil in the fields of oppressive caste men to eradicate rat infestations and capture poisonous snakes in 1993. Rajakannu is summoned to a wealthy man’s home to capture a snake that snuck into a chamber. The husband of the man reports stolen jewelry from her closet the following day, casting doubt on Rajakannu, and a burglary is reported. Rajakannu’s home is searched by the authorities for evidence. Rajakannu had previously left the town for work. The cops illegally detained and brutally beat the pregnant Sengeni during the invasion. Other family members of Rajakannu, including his sister Pachaiammal, brother-in-law Mosakutty, and brother-in-law Iruttupan, are detained by the police and tortured into divulging whereabouts of Rajakannu. Rajakannu is captured by the authorities and taken to jail. In exchange for his confession, they torment him and free Sengeni. Later, she learns that all three of the detained men have fled, and the police further threaten her if she tells them where they are.
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Mythra, who instructs Irula tribe members, discovers about Chandru, a lawyer who represents tribal communities, and she is able to persuade him to fight for Sengeni’s rights. Chandru submits a habeas corpus petition to the court after hearing Sengeni’s account of all previous events. The court initially suggests that they submit their petition to a lesser court, but Chandru requests a witness examination—a step that is not typically taken in a habeas corpus case. However, after Chandru brings up the Rajan case, the judge relents. Based on the testimony of the police officers, the solicitor general representing the police claims that Rajakannu and the other two fled from police custody the night they were detained. Chandru uncovers that the witnesses were lying when he finds inconsistencies in their testimony. He then requests that the court open an investigation into Sub-Inspector Gurumurthy (a casteist), Head Constable Veerasamy, and Constable Kirubakaran. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Jai Bhim quiz.

Jai Bhim Quiz

The case is taken over by Advocate General Ram Mohan, who asserts that the three suspects have escaped to Kerala in order to support the police. Iruttapan’s employer, Varadarajulu, admits that the man told him over the phone that he had escaped to Kerala after committing robbery. Chandru learned that the three police officers in question traveled to Kerala in order to call Varadarajulu on a phone, which Guru confesses he did by imitating Iruttapan’s voice. On Chandru’s request, the court assigns IG Perumalsamy as the case’s lead officer. Chandru, Perumalsamy, and Mythra discover that Rajakannu’s body was discovered in the middle of a road just meters from the Pondicherry border, the day after he is said to have fled, after continuing their hunt for several weeks. He was photographed as an unidentified individual and then cremated. Both think that Rajakannu was killed in a prison cell rather than in a car mishap. Also, you will find out which character are you in this Jai Bhim quiz.

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Chandru seeks advice from the doctor who examined Rajakannu after his death. The pathologist claims that Rajakannu’s ribcage broke, causing a bone fragment to be driven into his heart, but theorizes that this could have been caused by a vehicle running over him. Ram Mohan hears Veerasamy admit that Rajakannu passed away while being held. After the passing of Guru, Veerasamy dialed. Guru advised Veerasamy to stage their escape and abandon Rajakannu on the highway, framing his demise as the result of a car mishap. Iruttapan and Mosakutty were moved to another prison in Kerala. Ram Mohan counsels them to keep their story in court after hearing this. Chandru consults the police station’s call log and tells the court that a call to Guru’s home was placed at 9:10 pm, contradicting Veerasamy’s testimony. Chandru requests more time for the investigation from the judge. Also, you must try to play this Jai Bhim quiz. The Irular clan, Chandru, Mythra, Sengeni, and others fight against the injustice that has occurred. Chandru discovers that Irutappan did in fact contact Varadarajulu, but that he was forced to do so by the police. Iruttapan and Mosakutty are located by Mythra, and they appear in court to give testimony about the torture the three of them endured as well as how the officers killed Rajakannu. Perumalsamy claims that the police officers accepted money from the real thief. In addition, Chandru claims that there were wheel prints on the road where Rajakannu’s body was discovered. Additionally, there were tracks that resembled those of Guru and Kiruba. The court announces the verdict after hearing the evidence: the policemen who killed Rajakannu will be detained; Sengeni will receive compensation of 3 lakh (equivalent to 18 lakh or 23,000 in 2020) and half a ground; and Iruttapan, Mosakutty, and Pachaiamma will each receive 2 lakh (equivalent to 12 lakh or 15,000 in 2020). Chandru fulfills Rajakannu’s wish for Sengeni to have a new home by attending the opening of Sengeni’s new residence after Sengeni thanks him for his assistance.

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