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Respond to these rapid questions in our One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest quiz and we will tell you which One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest character you are. Play it now.

An institution in the Pacific Northwest is the setting of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Chief Bromden, sometimes known as Chief Broom, is a catatonic half-Indian man who is assumed to be deaf and dumb by all of the convicts and personnel. A gigantic mechanized matrix called The Combine, which controls everyone in its grasp, causes Bromden to suffer from hallucinations in which he senses the room filled with a dense, overpowering fog that fills the area.

Nurse Ratched (Big Nurse), a chilly, exact lady with controlled motions and a placid, mechanical attitude, is the institution’s dominant figure. Randall Patrick McMurphy, a new patient, arrives on the ward when the story begins. As part of his punishment for statutory rape, he is a self-professed “gambling fool”. He is definitely sane and lucid, and he is only visiting the hospital to avoid the work assignment. In addition to Harding, Billy Bibbit is a thirty-year-old man who speaks slowly and appears to be extremely youthful. Ratched identifies McMurphy as a manipulator almost immediately.

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Au cours de la première séance d’évaluation, le personnel infirmier Ratched examine Harding’s relationship with his wife. McMurphy uses the chance to explain his arrest for statutory rape, pointing out that the girl was of legal age and more than likely consenting to the act.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest quiz

Towards the end of the story, a new patient is admitted to the hospital. He was transferred from a working farm, where his aggressive behavior made him appear to be a psychopath. In the unit, McMurphy discovers that Nurse Ratched, the hospital’s head nurse, is in charge of enforcing strict rules.

Gambler McMurphy wagers that he can reveal Ratched’s vulnerability within one week. Ratched and McMurphy engage in a power struggle that continues throughout the novel. Also, you must try to play this One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest quiz.

McMurphy mocks and criticizes the hospital’s regulations and practices at first, but then he becomes more serious. When Ratched’s wishes are not followed, he utilizes his charisma to convince Dr. Ratched to make modifications to the hospital’s policies. As a result of McMurphy’s efforts, most of the patients vote in favor of a plan to adjust the schedule so that they can watch the baseball World Series. As Ratched chastises them, McMurphy and the others protest by sitting in front of the blank television during the game.

So that she might discredit McMurphy in the eyes of the other patients, she exposes her choice at the end of the meeting to keep him on the ward rather than move him. Unlike a prison sentence, McMurphy’s release from the hospital is dependent on Ratched’s judgment. To the dismay of his fellow patients, one of whom drowns himself, he begins to follow the rules of the ward. McMurphy reverts to his unruly ways when he finds that most of the other patients in the unit are there by choice.

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After a fistfight with Sorenson’s aides, McMurphy reignites the revolt in Part IV. She brings him back to the ward so the other patients may observe his debilitated condition, says the nurse. In spite of the patients’ pleas, McMurphy refuses to go since he has scheduled a date for Billy for that night. Sweetie sneaks inside the hospital with the help of McMurphy’s bribe to Mr. Turkle, the hospital’s night assistant.

While McMurphy and the other patients smoke marijuana and drink, Billy has sex with Candy. As Harding tries to convince McMurphy to go to Mexico with Candy and Sandy, he falls asleep.

The next morning, when the aides uncover the mess, a sequence of violent events ensue. In the case of Billy and Candy, Nurse Ratched has threatened Billy’s mother. A psychotic Billy cuts off his own throat in an act of self-mutilation. She rips the front of Ratched’s dress off and tries to strangle her. The patient returns to the ward after being lobotomized in retribution for her actions.

It allows McMurphy to die with some dignity rather than live as an object of Ratched’s power when Bromden chokes him to death in his bed. In the psychiatric institution, Bromden has regained the strength he thought he had lost.

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