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Respond to these rapid questions in our Peter Pan And Wendy quiz and we will tell you which Peter Pan And Wendy character you are. Play it now.

Before leaving for boarding school the following day, Wendy Darling spends her final night at home in Edwardian London with her parents, George and Mary, and her two younger brothers, John and Michael. Wendy complains to her mother that she doesn’t want to become older once she leaves. Peter Pan shows up in the Darlings’ nursery later that evening. He claims that he has come to take Wendy to Neverland where she will never have to grow up after learning about Wendy’s wish. Wendy, John, and Michael all take a flight to Neverland with the assistance of fairy Tinker Bell, Peter’s companion and buddy. When they get there, a pirate ship led by Captain Hook attacks them because he wants to get even with Peter for chopping off his right hand and tossing it to a crocodile. As they fall from the sky as a result of a cannon shot by Hook and his first mate, Mr. Smee, Wendy is split up from Peter and her brothers. She subsequently runs across Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys and sees John and Michael being taken captive by pirates. They are taken to Skull Rock by Hook and his men, who tie them to a rock so they will be drowned by the incoming tide. While Wendy, Tiger Lily, and the Lost Boys save John and Michael, Peter battles the Captain. Tick Tock, the crocodile, eventually chases Hook and the pirates away. Peter is pleased with himself for winning, but Wendy chastises him for being careless, and the Lost Boys explain to Wendy that he has a troubled past with Captain Hook.
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Wendy sings the Lost Boys a lullaby as they retreat to Peter’s cave, unintentionally giving the pirates their location. Wendy finds out from Peter that before leaving Neverland and becoming a pirate, Captain Hook was James, his best friend. While the Captain attacks Peter and causes him to appear to fall to his apparent death, Hook’s crew captures the Lost Boys and the Darling children. Wendy learns from Hook that he left Neverland because he missed his mother and wanted to track her down. He eventually got lost at sea and was found and reared by Smee and the pirates. Peter and Wendy became adversaries when he went back to Neverland because Peter could not understand how much Wendy had changed. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Peter Pan And Wendy quiz. Hook makes Wendy walk the plank, but she escapes just in time with Tinker Bell’s pixie dust and the contented thought of wanting to grow up while Tiger Lily finds Peter and heals him. The ship is subsequently raised into the air by Tinker Bell’s application of pixie dust, allowing the Lost Boys to escape and engage the pirates. After a protracted duel, Peter ultimately apologizes to Hook for being a lousy friend as he arrives to confront Hook. Peter tries to save Hook by encouraging him to fly as Wendy flips the ship over, causing the pirates to tumble off. However, Hook loses his flight and falls into the water. The Lost Boys then come to the conclusion that they all need a genuine home and board Wendy, John, and Michael’s ship to return to London.

Peter Pan And Wendy Quiz

When Wendy gets home, she meets her parents and introduces them to the Lost Boys before speaking with Peter on their home’s roof. Peter says he used to live at the Darlings’ house until he left one day and never returned. Peter feels unprepared despite Wendy’s advice to stay, who claims that growing up might be his greatest adventure. He says adieu to Wendy and the Lost Boys before taking Tinker Bell back to Neverland. Also, you will find out which character are you in this Peter Pan And Wendy quiz. Hook and Smee are both shown to have survived the fall after they return to Neverland. Hook smiles broadly as he looks up at the sky and notices Peter coming back on the ship.

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