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Respond to these rapid questions in our Pirates Of The Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl quiz and we will tell you which Pirates Of The Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl character you are. Play it now.

The crew of Governor Weatherby Swann’s ship, the HMS Dauntless, experiences a shipwreck in 1720 while traveling to Port Royal, Jamaica, and saves a boy named Will Turner. Elizabeth Swann, Will’s daughter, notices a golden pirate medallion around his neck and steals it. Eight years later, Captain James Norrington gets a commodore’s job and asks Elizabeth to marry him. The medallion starts to pulsate as she faints and falls into the water due to her corset. Elizabeth is saved by Captain Jack Sparrow, who has just landed in Port Royal with plans to commandeer a ship. After Norrington recognizes Jack as a pirate, there is a pursuit. Will, who is now a blacksmith, runs into Jack. They fight, and Jack is put in jail.
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The Black Pearl’s crew assaults Port Royal that evening in an effort to find the medallion. Elizabeth is taken prisoner by the pirates, who then bring her to Captain Barbossa. To hide the fact that she is the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth says her last name is Turner. The medallion, according to Barbossa, is the last of 882 gold pieces his men stole from a long-lost Hernán Cortés treasure on Isla de Muerta. Cortés had agreed to take the treasure as payment in order to stop Tenochtitlan from falling, but he did not uphold his end of the bargain. The Aztec gods cursed the treasure, turning Barbossa and any crew members who took the coins into undead creatures that can only feel enduring hunger and pain and show their true, skeletal forms in the moonlight. They must return the treasure, each coin marked with the blood of the taker or that of a close relative, in order to remove the curse. Barbossa chooses to use Elizabeth’s blood on the medallion under the assumption that she is Bill Turner’s child (whom Barbossa attempts to drown after learning he sent the medallion to his child). But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Pirates Of The Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl quiz.

Pirates Of The Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl Quiz

Will releases Jack, the previous captain of the Black Pearl before Barbossa staged a mutiny, in order to save Elizabeth, whom he adores. The two take control of the little sloop-of-war HMS Interceptor and sail for Tortuga. Jack asks his buddy Joshamee Gibbs to assist them in putting together a crew there. Will and Jack see Barbossa slash Elizabeth’s hand, stain the coin, and put it back in the chest as they pursue the Pearl to the Isla de Muerta. She is not a member of Bill Turner’s family, so the jinx remains. While Jack is being held captive by Barbossa and imprisoned in the brig of the Pearl, Will rescues Elizabeth and takes her to the Interceptor. The Interceptor is pursued by the Pearl, which eventually destroys it and kidnaps Jack’s crew. Will strikes a deal with Barbossa to release Elizabeth in exchange for his blood after realizing that it is he that the villain desires. However, Barbossa takes advantage of a weakness in the deal and maroons Jack and Elizabeth on an island. When Elizabeth sends out a smoke signal, Norrington sends the Dauntless to save her and capture Jack. If Norrington will search for the Pearl and save Will, Elizabeth will agree to wed him. Also, you will find out which character are you in this Pirates Of The Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl quiz.

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The Dauntless reaches Isla de Muerta that evening. Instead of convincing Barbossa’s crew to attack the Dauntless before they remove the curse and lose their immortality, Jack convinces Norrington that he will lure the pirates out to be ambushed by the crew of the Dauntless. Elizabeth sails away from the Dauntless, freeing Jack’s men from the Pearl’s brig. They decline to come to Jack and Will’s aid, so Elizabeth embarks on her own journey. Elizabeth and Will fight off Barbossa’s crew while Jack changes sides once more, freeing Will and engaging Barbossa in combat. It is revealed that Jack stole a piece of gold from the chest and is also cursed and unable to die when Barbossa stabs him. Will returns the money to the chest with both Jack and his own blood on them after Jack shoots Barbossa. Barbossa dies from Jack’s gunshot after the jinx is broken; the other members of Barbossa’s crew are now mortal and are taken into custody. Also, you must try to play this Pirates Of The Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl quiz. Jack is scheduled to be executed by hanging at Port Royal. Will tries to rescue Jack and Will while Elizabeth diverts Norrington’s focus, but they are surrounded. Elizabeth steps in and says she loves Will. Governor Swann pardons Will and approves of Elizabeth and Will getting married. Jack jumps into the water and boarded the nearby Pearl to flee, regaining control of the ship and his new company. Before starting his pursuit, Norrington gives Jack and the Pearl “one day’s head start.”

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