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This 2021 revision of the Pooh pathology test identifies the character you are and your disease. This test is based on thorough psychological research.

Pooh Pathology Test Is an Exam for Mental Illness

You respond to 20 personality questions during the test. The objective is to identify which character from Winnie the Pooh you are. After that, your condition will be (informally) determined to be the same as that of your cartoon counterpart. If you’re Piglet, for example, you have general anxiety disorder.

Who created it?

In the 2000s, a team of psychologists examined the Hundred Acre Wood’s narrative. They compiled a list of the syndromes and ailments that each character possesses. The Pooh pathology test, however, was not created by them. Some websites created quizzes for users based on the results of their research.

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How does it function?

Psychologists examine people’s characteristics and behaviors to get a mental disorder diagnosis. The Pooh personality test operates in a same manner. Your responses to the questions showcase who you are (s). And the algorithms pinpoint any potential syndromes or disorders you may have.

Every Winnie the Pooh Character Has a Disorder, According to a Diagnosis

After reviewing the AA. Milne story, Sarah E. Shea, Kevin Gordon, and their team found 9 diseases. They also divided the illnesses into categories and listed each person’s symptoms. For more information, see the section below.

Pooh is hyperactive and has OCD.

He have a little brain. Pooh can be summed up in the single line. He has a honey compulsion. And when it comes to finding more honey, he gets thoughtless. Winne is also overweight and frequently forgets things. The psychological team led by Drs. Shea and Gordon claim that each of these signs and symptoms is indicative of OCD and inattentive ADHD.

Being obsessed with honey is a definite sign of OCD. Naturally, having a sweet tooth is not a disorder. However, it is abnormal if you endanger your friends in order to gain more of them.

According to AA, you can also notice how readily he becomes distracted. Milne is a daydreaming, forgetful teddy bear. The psychological team also determined that he had Inattentive ADHD because of this.

Piglet is suffering from GAD.

Piglet is always trembling with fright. He seems to be worried all the time. And the specialists agree that “it is not typical. Piglet has GAD, which results in ongoing stress for no apparent reason. The fact that Pooh’s best pal struggled to regulate his anxiety is already known. He may therefore live a considerably more tranquil existence if he underwent a trial of low-dose tranquilizers.

Having dysthymic condition, Eeyore

Milne’s stories are always depressing, disappointing, and unpleasant, like the miserable donkey in AA. His personality has been examined by psychologists, and they think he has dysthymic disorder. It is a serious illness that makes it difficult for the patient to experience joy. There was trauma in Eeyore’s past. He thus experiences acute depression, which is not surprising.

The Narcissistic Rabbit

Everything in the Hundred Acre Wood ought to be under Mr. Long Ears’ supervision. He says he has several relationships with many animals. If you trust anything Rabbit says, he appears to be the protagonist of the narrative. The truth, though, is quite different. He is merely one of many rabbits in the forest.

According to psychologists, Rabbit has a narcissistic personality. In other words, he conducts himself as if he were the most important person on earth. Because of his obsession with order, he also exhibits OCD symptoms.

A dyslexic owl

Throughout the narrative, this sage owl consistently makes mistakes. He says “skull” instead of “school.” Additionally, he appears to be unable to read some words. Dyslexia is a clearly visible condition. This disease makes it difficult for sufferers to read aloud accurately.

ADHD affects Tigger.

Three adjectives sum up Tigger: overhyped, irresponsible, and unmanageable. He has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a result. Tigger is one of those people who struggles to focus on one thing at a time. They also have a tendency to be dangerously energetic.

Schizophrenic Christopher Robbin

In the Hundred Acre Wood, Christopher appears to be the most typical individual. He is, however, conversing with animals. Hallucinations and other extreme situations are brought on by schizophrenia. Robbin probably has schizophrenia because he has a lot of talking animals for friends.

Kanga is overly cautious.

Except when it develops into an obsession, being too protective is not a mental condition. But Kanga is a loving single mother who cares deeply for Roo. She is typically in a normal state. But occasionally, we catch her giving Roo strange things to eat and being a strict mother.

Soon, Roo is likely to experience a disorder.

Roo is the one of the characters who is the most innocent. He is an inquisitive youngster who is eager to learn more. He does, however, get along with Tigger. His mother is also very protective. Therefore, it is very likely that Roo will experience certain abnormalities as he matures.

The Winnie the Pooh Character Quiz Will Tell You Which One You Are

You have the opportunity to learn more about your (potential) mental condition by completing the Pooh Pathology Test. At the conclusion, you are given a thorough report that explains why you might have that specific disease or condition.

But remember these

It Isn’t a Clinical Diagnosis, for One (Obviously)

You cannot be diagnosed with a disorder until you see a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. The mental pathology test on this website is not intended to provide advice, solutions, or a conclusive conclusion. Finding out what kind of character you are in the Hundred Acre Wood world is fun.

2. The Hundred Acre Wood: Everyone Is Weird (So, Do Not Panic)

The primary characters in AA. Milne’s novel are all out of the ordinary. Therefore, the likelihood that you’ll develop a condition like dysthymic disorder is high. Do not be alarmed by the outcomes. To have some fun, take the Pooh Pathology Test.

3. The Outcomes Are Confidential

The results of the Winnie the Pooh personality test are unimportant. Your QuizExpo scores are completely confidential. Except for you, nobody has access to the result page. That implies that you can distribute the outcome to anybody you choose.

Note: Your information is not collected by QuizExpo.

The Original Pooh Pathology Research is Available Here.

Read the original paper if you’re curious how the Winnie the Pooh illnesses table looks. Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood: A Neurodevelopmental Perspective on A.A. Milne is the title of the article. Additionally, the PDF version is free to download.

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