Risen Quiz – Which Character Are You?

<span class="author-by">by</span> Samantha <span class="author-surname">Stratton</span>

by Samantha Stratton

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Respond to these rapid questions in our Risen quiz and we will tell you which Risen character you are. Play it now.

‘Risen,’ which tells the story of a Roman soldier who searches for the resurrected Christ during the 40 days that follow the crucifixion, is an old-fashioned Biblical spectacle that has new life pumped into its veins. With battle sequences, CinemaScope images of scrub-dotted plains, hills and mountains, a swelling orchestral score by Roque Baos that occasionally evokes the late, great John Barry (“Out of Africa”), white English actors playing Romans, and actors of varying nationalities and darker complexions playing Hebs, this film, directed by Kevin Reynolds (“Waterworld,” “Fandango”) and co-written by Reynolds and Paul Aiello, could be programmed as a triple feature with “The After that, the film resorts to pictorial cliches associated with kitschy religious art and allows its story to devolve into a snooze fest.

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risen quiz
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