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The future returns in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” to track down and kill John Connor. Connor, who is a child when the film opens but will grow up to become the leader of the human resistance movement against the cyborgs, can still make an impact in a world where machines rule after the nuclear holocaust of 1997.

You may or may not remember that the first Terminator, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, was sent back in time to kill Connor’s mother in the original “The Terminator” (1984). (Linda Hamilton). The young man was created as a result of that mission’s failure, and in “Terminator 2,” two Terminators travel back in time: A good one, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, tasked with guarding Connor the child, and a bad one, played by Robert Patrick, tasked with destroying him. (Terminators, by the way, look like humans but are made of high-tech materials and have computer brains; the bad one, named T-1000, was apparently named after his great-grandfather, a Toshiba laptop.) You’d assume that those futuristic machines would understand that their mission is pointless and that, since Connor is clearly the leader of the human resistance, their attempt to kill him must inevitably fail. However, “Terminator 2” ignores a contradiction that is even more significant: If the computer chips required to create Terminators are indeed destroyed in the final sequence of the movie, then there couldn’t have been any Terminators. How then do they even exist? Since his birth mother (Hamilton) is a patient in a mental institution, young John Connor (Eddie Furlong) is being raised in a foster home. Science fiction has long enjoyed playing with such paradoxes, but “Terminator 2” takes the sensible approach of ignoring them. Naturally, they believe she is crazy because she continues attempting to warn people about the impending nuclear catastrophe.

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In the opening chase sequence, where young Connor outruns T-1000 while driving a semi, “Terminator 2” establishes a strong bond between the young boy and the good Terminator. Soon enough, young Connor even learns that Schwarzenegger is set up to carry out his commands, and he commands the incredible machine to cease killing people. In place of corpses dotting the screen this time, the Arnold character shoots to maim or frighten, which creates a clever twist on the Schwarzenegger special effects heritage.
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Having a pet Terminator is enjoyable for a kid, and the screenplay by James Cameron and William Wisher was partially inspired by this idea. Young Connor, who has never met his own father because, as nearly as I can remember, his own father arrived from the future, adopts Schwarzenegger as a father figure. The development of the Terminator’s absence of emotions is another intriguing screenplay concept; like Mr. Spock in “Star Trek,” he cannot comprehend why people cry.

Terminator 2 Judgment Day Quiz

The key to Schwarzenegger’s success as a movie star is his ability to cast himself in parts that enhance rather than detract from his physical and vocal abilities. In this situation, he plays the straight man in both a human drama and a human comedy as the child instructs him to loosen up and stop speaking in computer-like tones. After the mother of the child is released from the mental asylum, the trio collaborates to beat T-1000 while also forging an unlikely but successful family unit.
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While that is occurring at the narrative level, the film outperforms itself in terms of special effects. Of course, there are the customary car chases, explosions, and battle sequences, all of which are done very well. However, what audiences will remember is how the film depicts T-1000. This cyborg is composed of a recently developed liquid metal that virtually invulnerable. When you shoot a hole through him, you can see right through him, but once the opening closes, he is repaired and ready for action.

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George Lucas’ special effects studio, Industrial Light & Magic, has done some brilliant creative work on these sequences. ILM first explored the fundamental concept for T-1000 in the 1990 film “Abyss,” which featured a creature with a body composed entirely of water invading an underwater station. The trick is to model the desired movement on a computer, and then add surface color and texture—in this instance, the appearance of liquid mercury—using a paintbox program. The live action is then blended with the computer generated images, and T-1000 transforms from a shimmering liquid to a human through a dissolve from the effect to the performer.
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If the character itself were ineffective, all of that effort would be for nothing, but Patrick’s portrayal of T1000 makes him a fantastic villain with small victories and a neutral face. His implacability is his most terrifying trait; no matter what you do to him, he doesn’t get upset or disheartened. He simply gathers himself and continues to arrive.

I believe a strong adversary is the most important component of any action movie.

One can be found in “Terminator 2,” along with an intriguing hero, a fearless heroine, and a young child who is bravely and enthusiastically portrayed by Furlong. The film tempers the Terminator’s bloodlust in response to criticisms of excessive movie violence, but I don’t believe anyone will gripe that there isn’t enough action.

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