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Respond to these rapid questions in our The Grapes Of Wrath quiz and we will tell you which The Grapes Of Wrath character you are. Play it now.

The story starts shortly after Tom Joad leaves McAlester jail, where he had been detained following his conviction for homicide in self-defense. Tom encounters Jim Casy, a former preacher he remembers from his youth, while hitchhiking to his house close to Sallisaw, Oklahoma, and the two travel together. When they get to Tom’s family property, it’s deserted. Tom and Casy, who are alarmed and perplexed, run into an old neighbor named Muley Graves, who claims that the family is at Uncle John Joad’s house nearby. According to Graves, the banks have expelled every farmer. Muley won’t abandon the area even though they have left. Tom and Casy visit Uncle John’s in the morning. Tom’s family has defaulted on their bank debts, and their farm has been taken over. They are packing up their last few belongings into a Hudson sedan that has been converted into a truck. The family has no choice but to look for employment in California, which is advertised in handbills as productive and paying well. The Joads give the trip everything they’ve got. Tom risks breaking his parole by inviting Casy to live with the family even though doing so would breach his parole.
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The Joads discover Route 66 to be congested with other refugees as they travel west. They hear many tales from others in the impromptu shelters, some of whom have just arrived from California. The organization is concerned that California might not be as worthwhile as predicted. The Joad family gets smaller as they travel: Grandpa passes away and is buried in a field; Granma passes away not far from the California state line; Noah, the oldest Joad son, and Connie Rivers, the father of Rose of Sharon, the Joad daughter who is expecting, depart the family. The surviving members move forward under Ma’s leadership because Oklahoma has nothing left to offer them. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this The Grapes Of Wrath quiz. When they arrive in California, they discover that the state has an excess of labor; as a result, wages are low and employees are abused to the point of starvation. Smaller farmers are harmed by collapsing prices while the large corporate farms collude. All state and local law enforcement agencies support the farmers. When the Joads arrive at the first Hooverville camp for migrants, Casy knocks down a deputy sheriff who is about to shoot a worker who is running away in order to warn others that the labor recruiter who is traveling with the officer will not pay the wages he is offering. Weedpatch Camp, one of the tidy, utility-provided camps run by the Resettlement Administration, a New Deal organization, provides improved living conditions but is underfunded and unable to provide employment or food for all the needy families. Nevertheless, the camp shields the migrants from harassment by local deputies because it is a Federal site.

The Grapes Of Wrath Quiz

Also, you will find out which character are you in this The Grapes Of Wrath quiz. How can you frighten a guy who feels hunger in both his own swollen belly and the pitiful bellies of his children? He has experienced a terror unlike any other, so you cannot make him fear. Chap. 19

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Casy attempts to form a labor union by becoming a labor organizer in reaction to the exploitation. The Joads obtain employment in a peach orchard as strikebreakers. They are only given enough to purchase food for that night’s supper and some for the following day after picking for the majority of the day. The peach plantation declares the following morning that the pay rate for the harvested fruit has been cut in half. Casy participates in a walkout that develops into a fight. Tom murders the assailant and flees after seeing Casy being hacked to death with a pickaxe. The Joads stealthily depart from the orchard to work on a cotton field where Tom runs the risk of being detained and perhaps executed for the murder. Also, you must try to play this The Grapes Of Wrath quiz. Tom bids his mother farewell and makes a promise to fight for the oppressed after realizing he must depart to avoid being captured and prevent his family from being put on a work blacklist. The family keeps picking cotton while saving up their daily wages to purchase food. The child delivered to Rose of Sharon is stillborn. Ma Joad perseveres and pushes the family through the loss. The Joads relocate to higher ground after their home is flooded and their vehicle becomes unusable due to the winter rains. The family seeks refuge from the inundation in an old barn in the book’s concluding chapter. They discover a young child inside with his starving father. Ma understands there is just one strategy for saving the guy. She glances at Rose of Sharon, and they exchange a silent understanding. When Rose of Sharon finds the man alone, she approaches him and makes him consume her breast milk.

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