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Take this The Originals quiz to test how much you know the show. If you can answer at least 85% of the questions then you are a real fan.

While the quotes regarding the Mikaelson family as a unit in this recap are genuine, they don’t necessarily apply to all their members.

After picking up where the show left off last week, Klaus was ready to drive the White Oak stake into her heart for Wednesday’s final series The Originals, which eliminated the darkness that Hope had once and for all sucked away. But Hope wasn’t going to let her father sacrifice to save her and, with a flick of her wrist (damn, girl!) she knocked him down and carried him back to NO with Elijah.

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“There is not enough magic in the world to slow down,” Freya told her unaware realizing her aunt feverishly attacked Vincent’s spell library to discover a way to keep Klaus alive.

The Originals quiz

Klaus’s condition began to advance swiftly when he spoke about the hybrid with a death wish, resulting in his hallucination of his dad’s image (wearing black!), who was hellbent upon killing Hope. He was fortunate enough to see the unflattering Cami O’Connell, who served as the angel on his shoulder until Hope and Elijah restrained him.

Then there was the saddest globe tour of goodbye Klaus started with his favorite lady friend on an afternoon in his beloved city. Caroline played the notorious voicemail of Klaus and left her on The Vampire Diaries with the originals’ backdoor pilot. She accepted his offer for a visit to New Orleans all the time and tried to persuade him to bid farewell to his family. Also, you must try to play this The Originals quiz.

Power’s family. A thousand years ago, it was swearing by the Original Vampire family. They committed themselves to stay together forever and ever. It is already centuries since the family’s ties have passed. The original family has been broken up by time, sorrow, and ambition for power. When Klaus Mikaelson receives a mysterious indication that a complot in the supernatural melting pot in the French Quarter of New Orleans is being brewed against him. Then he is back to the City, which his family has helped construct. Questions of Klaus have led him to meet Marcel, his old wicked protege.

A seductive vampire that has complete authority over New Orleans human and supernatural people.

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Elijah pursues Klaus and quickly realizes that the wolf Hayley has also gone to the French Quarter to seek insights from their familiar history and is falling into the powerful hand of a witch named Sophie. Determined to assist his brother find forgiveness. The tension between the supra-natural groups is approaching a breakthrough, as Marcel orders with absolute power his devotees and rulers. For Klaus, it is impossible to respond to his mighty protection and he hopes to reclaim the power, town, and his family which was once his. Can you name all the characters?

It may be named Big Easy, but as proved in the Originals Stage 1, life is almost entirely different. It’s always difficult to tell how a spin-off event would do, but it’s more than a supernatural holiday that Vampire Diaries spin (turning counterpart) – centered around the family from Mikaelson. In the former New Orleans residence. Which is now controlled by Klaus’ former protege, Marcel, Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah find themselves again. Klaus immediately envied Marcel’s authority and his followers’ allegiance. He promises to remove Marcel from his throne and to recover his once-just-owned city.

Then he gives Klaus some more incentive to send Marcel packing. They threaten Hayley’s life, — guess what! Klaus’s baby, pregnant. Okay, people – Klaus’s about to be a parent. However, the following events are a collision of betrayal, disaster, and much and much murder for these supernatural ones. Welcome, everybody, to New Orleans, with almost as often music flowing as blood! All of us now grab their stakes of white oak and dig into what happened in season 1.

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