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Take this Vampire Diaries quiz to test how much you know the show. If you can answer at least 85% of the questions then you can call yourself a real fan.

“I felt epic,” Elena Gilbert met Stefan Salvatore eight seasons ago. Epic. All night they spoke. It’s been epic. And, in season 2, when Stefan’s closest friend Lexi played a whisperer-related connection and informed Elena that “when it’s true, you can’t leave it, you can’t walk away.” And now, in the climax of the series, it was Stefan’s chance to make another magnificent thing – or more precisely… And his life cost him.

We’re going to get into it for the last recap and no, as I mentioned, I didn’t weep. (I did).

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The event begins with the breakdown of Bonnie. Stefan tries to revive CPR, but it doesn’t work. And when Caroline doesn’t work her vampire blood, we’ll flash to the woods, where Bonnie wanders when she finds Elena laying in a very comfy bed. Elena, looking forward to seeing her best friend, is hugging Bonnie before she realizes that: If Bonnie is here, it implies Bonnie’s dead and it doesn’t imply Elena’s all right. Bonnie should live and grow old, yet, as Bonnie says to Elena, “I may now be with Enzo… I am ready.” I am ready.”

But it isn’t Enzo. When Enzo comes to Bonnie, it’s not her time to put her back in the light, which makes her wake up. I have seen Elena.” I have seen Elena.

Vampire Diaries quiz

In September 2009, the Vampire Diaries premiered while children in headbands roamed around each other’s CW snapshots, and super-heroes had not yet been shown to be deafening resistance. The hysteria Twilight was just starting to grow, and True Blood was, well, something. And the Twilight is only about to crest. Vampires? Really? Wasn’t it played so nice?

In this space, I have often stated that the vampire diaries are and always were far better than they were necessary. It was an adolescent drama, frightened and crooked. It might have been swimming, but it refused. Also, you must try to play this Vampire Diaries quiz.

This is much to the credit of Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, who created a rich, tragic, nuanced universe that we could love. And we have loved them.

The Vampire Diaries fell in love slowly then everything happened at once (thanks for that, John Green). Two brother Vampires in love with the same human female, it was a simple notion. The sweeping love story between Stefan and Elena, Damon’s troubled brother, and the dread and pain of a town that would never be complete or safe again attracted us. And then Vicki was killed. Remember that? Remember that? That was big, you guys.

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Over the years, TVD would murder and unturn many of our favorites, but the first? That was all. The message was simple and straightforward: here we are not fucking. It took hold, and never fully let go. It was when it took a grip.

At the start of the show, things looked dull. While Bonnie could rebound after her magic was almost murdered at the end of this preceding episode, Vicky Donovan continues to sound this annoying glow and bring Hellfire to destruction by Katherine of all mystic falls.

Oh, Catherine. Oh, Catherine. She’s hidden the real Elena’s body, having pretended to be Elena the last time she can only briefly send her to Hell. In high school, she had trapped Elena under a late Kai spell. Stefan can’t get Elena out and it’s starting to make Hellfire rain.

Ric, Bonnie, and the girls left to clear the boundaries of the town. Bonnie has a plan to “rescue the planet,” as she says, that will divert Hellfire once and for all to destroy this dimension. And she’s going to be gone for good when Katherine’s there. By Grams and other Bennett ancestors, Bonnie is able to pull it off.

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vampire diaries quiz
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