This 100% Accurate Weeb Test Reveals If You Are a Weeaboo

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Free access to the worst Weeb Test. A Weeaboo, are you? Start the final conflict between otakus and weebs now. Your fandom type will be revealed through this quiz.

The Most Brutal Weeb Test on the Internet

When you refer to anything as a “Weeaboo,” you are implying that non-Japanese individuals are fetishizing anime. The Weeb Test, on the other hand, reveals whether or not YOU are one of these Japanophiles. Therefore, it will be severe.

Here is a warning. Weeaboo is a slang phrase. Therefore, we won’t be pleased to call you that. But remember that this is just a game. Please don’t be resentful.

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Questions That the Weeb Quiz Answers

We didn’t want to stop at simply responding to the uninteresting question, “Are you a Weeb?” As a result, the test reveals much more. Wapanese is only one of the different types of anime fans that it may tell you are!

Am I a Weeaboo?

Is it true that you are a weeb? We have some specialized inquiries that quickly identify such individuals. So, let me add one more disclaimer. You would be better off not taking the quiz if you are already aware that you are one. That’s because we don’t want to offend you.

Am I a Real Otaku?

Most fans of anime aspire to be one. But you are? Your only chance to demonstrate that you are a true anime fan and not a “want tobe Japanese” type of person is to take the Weeb Test on this page.

Am I a Nijikon?

Maybe you’re a Nijikon and not a Weeaboo after all. For those who don’t know, it indicates that you are fixated on a single character or anime. And you probably have a pillow that is the size of a person and has a picture of the stated figure on it.


Your personality is compared to six different sorts of anime lovers in our Weeb Test. Therefore, the response will undoubtedly satisfy you. If you don’t have an extra five minutes to spend answering the questions, continue reading for other options.

How to Know You Are a Weeb (Step-by-Step Guide)

A Weeb or Weeaboo is a person who possesses obnoxious, exaggerated, and fetishized affections for Japanese cartoons and/or culture, according to the majority of anime fandoms. So it would appear simple to identify these individuals. But the reality is that the majority of them conceal their emotions. You therefore require the accompanying instruction manual.

Step #1: Are you from Japan?

Japanese anime fans are not considered Weebs. Therefore, becoming a non-native is the first stage.

Step #2: Do you often use Japanese words while talking or texting?

The most embarrassing aspect of having uncontrollable Japanese slang and words are being used in your speech, Japanophile. The majority of those that do so aren’t even fluent in spoken Japanese. Nevertheless, they incessantly use the words “Baka,” “Senpai,” or “Kawaii.”

Step #3: If you could change your nationality and look, would you become Japanese?

The desire to become a Japanese or anime-style character is the third indication that you are a weeb. In fact, the majority of Japanese people dislike Weeaboos for this reason. They assume that Japan has a rich culture that nobody outside of Japan is aware of, yet they want to learn the language because they imagine that everyone in Japan to be an anime character or something.

Note: You are a Weeb if you responded “YES” to all three of the aforementioned questions. (100 percent assured).

Anime Fans’ Profiles; Which One Are You?

What to do if the advice above was ineffective and you still (somehow) decide against taking the Weeb test. Read the descriptions of each fan type in the following table. Your category is the one that has a comparable voice to yours.

Take the Weeaboo test, nevertheless, for a thorough evaluation and personality assessment.

Hey, Being a Weeaboo Is Not a Bad Thing

This Weeb test is merely a fun method to figure out your personality type for anime. There is nothing wrong with being a non-Japanese person obsessed with the anime universe or its characters. Nobody should criticize you for what you enjoy, especially if it is not harmful. Again, everything you read or encounter on this page is solely for your amusement. All Otakus and Japanophiles are equally loved by QuizExpo.


None of the pictures used on this page are the property of QuizExpo. For any copyright concerns, do get in touch with us.

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