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What state should I live in? and more questions are answered by taking this quiz. This quiz will help you determine your priorities and the characteristics of your ideal community.

Which State Should I Call Home If…?

When deciding a city to move to, there are numerous “ifs” to consider. What if I don’t have a degree? What if I had to pay more taxes? What if folks had a different accent? So, as a guide to responding to some of these inquiries.

What If I Don’t Enjoy Living in a City?

One of the smallest states is Wyoming. Currently, fewer than 570,000 people call it home. However, more individuals are moving to Wyoming as a result of its growth rate. Nearly 6% of its population, according to US News, is foreign-born. Wyoming is close to the popular in-migration destinations of Idaho and Montana.

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How Do I Pay the Fewest Taxes If I Want to?

Move to Wyoming, Washington, Texas, South Dakota, Nevada, Florida, or Alaska if you don’t want to pay taxes. Only these states in the US provide tax-free income. Alaska is a great option nevertheless because it doesn’t impose a sales tax.

What if I’m seeking employment?

The greatest states for job seekers to live in are Massachusetts and New York. According to US News, both locations have the lowest unemployment rates. Some of the biggest corporations in the country are headquartered in New York. So, New Yorkers have a better chance of landing a high-paying job. Massachusetts, however, has more sought-after positions.

What if my top priorities are safety and security?

Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are the safest states to live in, according to US News. The rates of violent and property crime are lowest in these three territories.

Suppose I’m a student.

If you’re a student, you should reside in Washington or Florida. The school system in the first is the best. The average tuition for the latter, however, is the lowest.

What if I choose a particular weather circumstance?

Alaska is a great place to live if you enjoy the cold. If, however, you prefer warm weather, Florida is a better choice. A better option if you want to experience all four seasons is western North Carolina.

What Happens If I Want to Live Freely?

For libertarians, New Hampshire is the ideal state to reside in. In 2003, NH gave the Free State Project its support. The project’s aim was to attract at least 20,000 libertarians. Twenty thousand people have already signed the agreement as of 2016. And it was intended for over 2,000 of them to arrive as early movers.

What Happens If I Want to Retire?

If I’m about to retire, which state should I reside in? South Dakota is the answer. SD has lower living expenses than the national average. Additionally, persons over 65 still stand a decent possibility of earning a consistent income. Additionally, the average cost of healthcare is lower than in other states. Therefore, it’s a superb location for retirees.

Suppose I Have Children.

The finest area to raise a family is Massachusetts, claims professional analyst Jill Gonzales. The cost of medical care in the state is among the lowest. And it presently tops the list of the US cities with the finest work conditions.

Suppose I’m concerned about the LGBTQ+ community.

Nevada is the finest place in the USA for LGBTQ+ families to live, according to USA Today. Nearly all of the HRC’s recommended laws for LGBTQ+ rights are present in Nevada. Additionally, more than 5% of its citizens identify as LGBTQ+. (That is more than 26,000 individuals.)

Suppose I’m an artist.

In which state ought I reside if I wish to sell my artwork? Nevada is the solution. Nevada is the state where artists earn the most money nationwide. In Nevada, the average artist pay is close to $65K, according to Zippia. That is more than the typical artist pay in the US.

Which States See the Highest In-Migration Rates?

One. Colorado

Colorado has recently welcomed over 200,000 Americans.

Nevada 2.

The majority of Californians moving to Nevada, according to US News. More than 45,000 Californians had relocated to Nevada by 2018. However, the state has lost more than 130,000 residents as a result of the in-migration.

3. Idaho

In just one year, more than 18,000 new citizens moved to Idaho (2018). One of the best places to look for a job is Idaho. Therefore, the state’s increased job prospects are the reason for more in-migration.

Several Statistics You May Find Interesting

  • Florida is attracting more Americans.
  • People favor the South above other states.
  • LA County saw the bulk of in-migration in 2019
  • In 2019, more than 600,000 Californians left the state.
  • Texas ranks second highest among our moving companies. Over 400,000 people departed Texas last year.

Please take note that the data presented above comes from a US Census Bureau study.

Can a quiz about US states suggest where I should live?

Where should I move might not be a question that a US state quiz could respond to. Nevertheless, based on your responses, it might recommend the finest states in the United States to live. For instance, the QuizExpo questionnaire can help you decide where you should relocate or reside based on your personality.

There are 20 questions to help you understand your personality.

Select the response that best captures who you are and what you want.

Results: Based on your characteristics, the US state quiz will recommend four possible locations for you to relocate to.

What state should I live in? can be determined by taking the quiz right now.

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