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Respond to these rapid questions in our Big Hero 6 quiz and we will tell you which Big Hero 6 character are you? Play it now.

A bunch of people is gathering in an alley in the city of San Fransokyo for a bot struggle. The ruling champion Yama destroys the opponent and challenges another person to face him on. The 14-year-old Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) boy is entering the ring with a small bot that all laugh at. The latter is Hiro’s three breaks Hiro’s entry and fights Yama’s bot. Hiro pays for a repartition and then displays what his bot can achieve. They mend themselves and succeed in taking the bot of Yama apart. Hiro takes his profits, but with his goons infuriated Yama threatens him. Hiro’s older Tadashi (Daniel Henney) is coming to the rescue on his motorcycle. Tadashi picks Hiro out, but they’re both incarcerated for betting on Hiro’s bot struggle.

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Both go to Tadashi College, the San Fransokyo Tech Institute. He introduces Hiro to his other genial inventor friends – Go Tomago (Jamie Chung), who invented an electromagnetic wheel motorcycle; Wasabi (Damon Wayans, Jr.), working on a laser-plasma; Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodríguez), a bright, energy-filled girl who created a big purple smoke bubble, and Fred (TJ Mille). Tadashi picks Hiro up and rips the tapestry in his forearm.

Which Big Hero 6 character are you?

Hiro cries out in anguish that awakens the innovation of Tadashi, the Baymax health care robot (Scott Adsit). He evaluates Hiro’s level of suffering and utilizes something to rid him of pain. If Hiro declares he is satisfied with the results, Baymax disables. Robert Callaghan (James Cromwell) professor Robert Tadashi enters. In his studies and research, Hiro acknowledges him and inspires Hiro to study in that school.

Williams: he says in Tadashi that Baymax Baymax is what creates this chip. Then the fact that your heart sits where it metaphorically is. I think people seem to be able to digest and understand the idea that this is his essence, and he’s always at the end of the film by holding on to the chip. Also, you will find out which Big Hero 6 character are you in this quiz.

Hall: But it’s even a good concept. We have screened the film and received internal feedback and things like that. Some individuals with a little more empirical thinking and logic always would remark, “Well it’s a robot, you can create it all the time.” But we hope that that’s not something the audience thinks about. They don’t see Baymax as a robot but as a character. It won’t be emotional if you think a robot is a robot. But by that point, he’s a character.

Williams: And you can’t duplicate the kind of experiences they have with each other.

Hall: Precisely.

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The bond they share, Williams. The amount Baymax learned throughout the story. You can’t just reproduce that. I guess that’s why, apparently, by the end of the film, Baymax is gone.

Hall: He also learned, which is on that chip. Hall: We have established that over the course of the movie he has had some learning curve. He grew up to love and care for Hiro, in his own robotic manner.

But “Big Hero 6,” in the midst of an event which – except fire– does not physically mutilate anyone or include weapons or traditional weaponry, deserves credit for the promotion of the anti-violence message. A brain-facing action-adventure as a treasured commodity is always a reason to celebrate. Add in the heart Baymax adds (with both “WALL-E” and “Up” borrowings) and you have the winner.

Stay till the conclusion of the credits to see Fred’s parentage disclosure. And you should not hesitate before sitting at the concession stand because you don’t want to miss a second of the “Festival.” The stylized, ankle-like short clip spans 12 years in the life of a ravenous Boston dog called Winston. During the gullible period of his journey, the chowhound can stop devouring long enough to play Cupid for its master. Table scraps – spaghetti, nachos, and pizza. A parsley sprig never looked so romantic.

But as a dog owner, I hope “Feast” won’t help kids (or adults) start food to feeder their own animals such as spicy meatballs. I doubt that Disney accepts any cleaning bills that result. Because I doubt.

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