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Respond to these rapid questions in our Emoji quiz and we will tell you which Emoji are you? Play it now.

Gene is an emoji, Mel and Mary, the son of two emojis “Meh.” Gene has been able to make several expressions despite his parents’ efforts to raise him to be a “meh.” His parents, especially his dad, hesitate at first to work, but Gene argues that he will ultimately be normal and valuable to society. Alex chooses to send her an emoji in the human world when she receives a text from her crush Addie.

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Miller agreed. Miller agreed. “I absolutely thought, I think of The Lego Movie when they arrived at me and you shouldn’t poo anything,” he remembers. “Someone started to trash the film without information on the internet instantly. But I kind of feel that if you’re open to the story as wonderful as that. You shouldn’t look down at the template. I just thought, ‘Here’s a tale I really like, and I just thought this was certainly a movie we could produce in the Lego Film if only in the sense that you were wondering. ‘Why would I go to watch this film because it’s all about it?’ This will just not be the case.”

Which Emoji are you?

Miller and Leondis might actually have shown us a very compelling reason why they wanted to take this picture shortly before this interview in a Sony screening room. Leondis’ Emoji Movie with Eric Siegel and Mike White takes the audience into the secret world of your normal smartphone. The Textopolis is the secret city where all emojis live, buried away behind the Messaging app. It is a dynamic and bright environment that can be recognized from your phone’s screen but is also very weird. Also, you will find out which Emoji are you in this quiz.

“Everything is inspired by phones,” Leondis adds to the design of the movie. “The emojis fit on the phone, it’s all about. We wanted the world to look and feel when we pull up your emojis, so I thought. ‘My God, they’re staring at Hollywood Squares (retro game show). So there’s some sort of easy one. We wanted it to resemble emojis as far as the city and its stuff. Carlos Zaragoza, our production designer, was one of my favorite films art directors on Pan’s Labyrinth. So lovely. So he (down to) even created the idea that the sidewalks will light up as your telephone.”

It’s a film that does not really provide visitors any moments of mood, excitement, or insight into a culture that regards emojis as the peak of current communications. The actors pass in their line with such an unenthusiastic attitude that they are comparing Krusty the Klown.

About the quiz

The message about the value of being true to yourself is quite a hole since nobody here has picked up any better movies overtly. The fact is, that Mike White, the famed author of “School of Rock” and “Beatriz at Dinner” as one acknowledged screenwriter, is the only factor in the screenplay that is far away shocking. How can I explain his involvement in such a pathetic project?

“The Emoji Movie” is a show of artistic abdication, but will children like it? I offer this comment on that question. I played a substitute uncle last weekend with two lovely young women of my acquaintance — ten-year-old Mamie and four-year-old Danger (actually her middle name, I’m sworn I’m not playing)— in a big screen in an almost crowded theater containing a lot of families with little kids, Hayao Miyazaki’s favorite 1989 “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

The children didn’t know they saw a masterpiece but were so captured in the story and the magnificent images that they could hear a pin drop in the audience. In comparison, there were many children at the screening of the “Emoji Movie,” but they did not seem to be there at all by shifting seats, chuckle bags, and laughter. “Emoji Movie” may be as gloomy as anything this year’s cinematic experience, but if the children that I have seen provide any sign, then there can be some hope for the future.

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