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Respond to these rapid questions in our Jungle Book quiz and we will tell you which Jungle Book character are you? Play it now.

The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling’s story collection, was published in 1894. The Second Jungle Book (1895), which was released, features poems.

Most of the stories are of Mowgli, an Indian kid brought up by wolves, who learns autarky and wisdom from the forest creatures. The book depicts the wolf pack’s social life and, more fantastically, the justice and nature of existence in the wild.

Disney’s lively masterpiece from 1967 remains one of the most popular animated flicks in the 2D era to this day. Despite its quite basic plot and spectacular aesthetics, it continues to fascinate animators and public viewers equally (I am speaking of budget-restrained sets and the level of Polish rather than art).

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“I want to be like you,” Baloo and Louie sang. The Jungle Book still shines with its attractive personalities, its layouts, its design, and its effects with a superb voice and wonderful music.

Which Jungle Book character are you?

His success is definitely due to the high degree of character animation which is still there in the whole picture to this day in terms of acting, charm, and personality. Although it’s a film with a mismatching budget of only $4 million – considerably below comparable movies from before and after.

Reviewers and the box office received it successfully and the cost of production was about 35 times higher, which is almost impossible today. It’s worth $142 million. (In contrast to this, Disney’s 2013 phenomenal success hit Frozen for 150 million dollars. Which amounted to slightly over 1.2 billion dollars, 8 times the return)).

Disney 1967 The Jungle Book, at the height of the 32nd, below Christopher Nolan’s 2008 live-action thriller. The Dark Knight, and just over Sleeping Beauty, another Disney Classic(1959). Which also held its own during the last years, has a screen record from the BoxOfficeMojo. Indicating tickets sold and inflation-adjusted box office totals.

In my view, this picture bears witness to the work of the four main animation characters of Disney, especially Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnson, and John Lounsbery, and great artists of history such as Ken Anderson and Bill Peet. That was the best of the industry. Also, you will find out which Jungle Book character are you in this quiz.

About the quiz

I saw the latest Disney version of The Jungle Book with my enthusiastic 12-year-old son. And there were some moments when I envied him. Though not many because the film is so precise, so simple in its characterizations. That it makes me feel about its age again. Also, it shows clearly what it is about the relation of mankind and nature. Perhaps younger.

From a young Mowgli (Neel Sethi) race through the jungle with his fatherly wolf family and his feline guardian, Bagheera black panther (Ben Kingsley) and his lay-out comics Baloo the Bear (Bill Murray). And sinister interludes with the Kaa python (Scarlett Johansson), the Oranguine King Louie (Christopher Walken)

It is not correct to label this Jungle Book a “live-action” rendition because so much was produced on a computer. However, the scriptwriter Justin Marks, Jon Favreau, and hundreds of others make such distinctions unmistakable. By combining beautiful wide screens of rainforests, watering holes, and crumbling temples, a few human actors, and realistic mammals, birds, and reptiles who yet speak, joke and sing in celebrities’ voices, the film generates its own fantasy universe, which appears at once tactile and illustrative. This is the sort of film you may unwittingly dream of after reading one of Rudyard Kipling’s sources or looking again at Disney’s 1967 animated feature, which has contributed to the creative DNA of both.

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