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Respond to these rapid questions in our Grinch quiz and we will tell you which Grinch character are you? Play it now.

Under Ron Howard (director of Apollo 13), Dr. Seuss’s classical story comes alive with Jim Carrey’s ingenuity (The Mask). Seuss can only be happy of How the Stole Noël of Grinch is a modern-day, Wizard of Oz, with a world of fun and funny characters.

He could perhaps accept that his original story was interwoven into the film as a story and that Ron Howard had used artistic liberty to build a backstory for Grinch. He could not criticize. Though never in the children’s storybook, the newborn Grinch moments are the greatest of the movie.

Seuss would be pleased with Jim Carrey in the lead since only Jim Carrey can draw a wild and insane character like Grinch. Carrey is much easier in the part than he does in that green costume, and it seems that he is so… enjoyable to smile. It is his first actual job (compare Dumb’s and Dumber’s shenanigans to The Grinch) and he performs a fantastic job. Sometimes the older, but not because of him, Carrey sneaks through

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How 99% of children are suitable for Grinch Stole Christmas. And another 1% are unlikely to be spotted by an age group not to be observed. The movie should be pleasant, but not uncontrollably amusing, for parents, children, and anyone else. I thought a few parents were rather cheeky, but mostly the film was pleasant to see. Some portions could have been better and sometimes it would have been good to move a little faster. Also, you will find out which Grinch character are you in this quiz.

Which Grinch character are you?

Two of Weihnachts’ most beloved stories deal with individuals that despise Christmas, at least at the very beginning. Charles Dickens offered us Ebenezer Scrooge who names Christmas the hoax before his fantasies show him what he has missed by closing his heart to friends, family, and compassion at Christmas, past, present, and future. And Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) brought us the furry green Grinch with a dog named Max who hates Christmas and decides, in whom he has stolen all their decorations, food, and gifts, to spoil the celebration of everyone in the Whoville Community.

The aesthetics, all curves, and slopes are deliciously Seussian. On one of the houses, I adored the mitten windows. And the way the Whoville decorations look like a charming, complex gingerbread village. The Grinch Mountain Top Layer, by comparison, is naked and cavernous, empty and lonely, distant from the Whovian houses.

One Christmas season when he was eight years old, the Grinch created a gift for Martha. But after being asked to have a “barb,” he accidentally trimmed his face. When the following morning his schoolmates saw his face covered in rashing tape, they humiliated him, lead by Augustus.

He lost his spirit, ran away to live on Mount Crumpit, a mountain north of Whoville.

About the quiz

If Cindy Lou goes to Mount Crumpit and invites the Grinch, he rejects her. Gradually he alters his attitude due to the prospect of an award, Martha’s attendance at the ceremony, and his opportunity to disturb the Mayor.

Just as the Grinch enjoys himself, Mayor May presents him a present with an electric rasper that reminds him of his terrible humiliation at school. Augustus then asks Martha to marry him and, in return, promises her a new automobile.

In response, the Grinch critiques the Who, who argues that the festival is simply about things that they will have later, in the expectation that they will be too ashamed to celebrate their celebration.

The Grinch will ruin the party after he burns the Christmas tree with a flamethrower, but his actions will prove pointless, as the Whos have a replacement tree that the Grinch witnesses them install before they leave. Mayor May then strongly reproaches Cindy Lou for inciting the Grinch to feel humiliated.

The Grinch, knowing that the Whos’ Christmas Spirit has not been removed in his attack. Is instead preparing a scheme to steal all their chateaux while sleeping.

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