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Hey, which character from BoJack Horseman are you? You can find out if you are BoJack, Diane, Todd, Mr. Peanutbutter, or someone else by taking this philosophical quiz.

An Existence-Questioning BoJack Horseman Quiz

The 2014 animated series on Netflix is grim, downbeat, and surprisingly humorous. The same is true of our brand-new BoJack Horseman Test, which in the most provocative manner imaginable reveals your true personality.

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The questions on this quiz, in contrast to others like the Family Guy Character Test, are grim with a dash of humor.

A Test of Philosophical Character

Finding your animated twin or opposite quickly is made possible by taking the character-matching quiz on this page. Here are a few potential outcomes and their interpretations.

Included are all of the major BoJack Horseman characters.

BJ may be the saddest main character on any Netflix program. He is a total narcissist who is a self-destructive, self-pitying, depressed horse. BoJ’s history is following him around, making it difficult for him to concentrate on his current issues.

  • Chuck Chavez

Todd, an asexual character, is amiable, lovable, and devoted. He searches for the meaning of life, just like many other BoJack Horseman characters. And when he’s by himself or bored, he frequently has an existential crisis. Todd enjoys tasks because of this, regardless of how difficult they are.

Todd-like participants are responsible, kind-hearted, and decent people.

  • Deborah Nguyen

You are an innocent person if you completed the BoJack Horseman Character Quiz and got Diane Nguyen right. But deep inside, you’re resisting the devils who are trying to make you turn bad.

  • Peanutbutter

a dog with cat-like characteristics. The happiest, vivacious, and cheeriest BoJack Horseman character is Mr. Peanutbutter. He is frequently criticized for being an upbeat individual. But when it comes to important issues like the purpose of life, he seems to be very perceptive and wise.

You are a jovial and playful person if you have a yellow labrador as your pet.

Few fans would say that. When asked which BoJack Horseman character they are, they said, “I’m Pink Cat Lady.” That could be as a result of Carolyn’s convoluted love life or her persona as a cunning manager. Nevertheless, PC is a smart, diligent, and ambitious young woman.

Here’s a hint: in the BoJack Horseman quiz, career-driven individuals match the Pink Cat.

The format of our BoJack quiz is forced-choice, just like the majority of online personality tests. But there are three somewhat philosophical steps you must do in order to refine the outcomes. Here is how the test’s various phases operate.

First stage: Doubting your existence

Let’s face it, practically every character in BoJack Horseman is looking for a purpose in life. We therefore want you to experience a similar existential crisis during the test. You have to respond to some ludicrously difficult questions about ludicrously significant subjects throughout the first phase.

The BoJack Horseman show’s premise is to demonstrate how meaningless life can be when you are not diverted. Almost every character in the novel has a method for keeping themselves busy. BJ accomplishes this via women, drugs, and alcohol. Todd is always looking for new projects to work on. In addition, Carolyn dates people at random.

What character from the BoJack Horseman are you? is an example of a question that might be asked. We must learn about your coping technique. To help us locate your ideal match, the second step of the exam will ask you questions that will reveal how you cope with life’s obstacles.

BoJ believes his existence is pointless since he has no purpose, and this phrase from the Bible is mind-blowing: “Existence before essence.” The BoJack Horseman Quiz’s final question requires you to confront your worst feelings. If your existence precedes your essence, we want to know about it.

The last stage is revealing your ideal match.

Following completion of all twenty questions, you are informed of which BoJack Horseman character you are. Additionally, you will get a thorough personality study that explains why you matched with a certain person.

None of the pictures used in the BoJack Horseman Character Quiz belong to QuizExpo. All of these images are Netflix property.

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