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Respond to these rapid questions in our Crazy Rich Asians quiz and we will tell you which Crazy Rich Asians character are you? Play it now.

Crazy Rich Asians were created in Singapore in 2013 by Kevin Kwan. The narrative comes from a very wealthy family, followed by Rachel Chu as she joins the boyfriend in his home nation in Singapore.

Nick asks Rachel to go with him to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore at the start of this story. He doesn’t say anything to her about his family, and she’s anxious because they’ve been dating for two years, but don’t know about each other very much. Furthermore, she had one of Singapore’s best friends who came to college with her to visit her again.

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He and Rachel live in New York City from Nick’s point of view. His old life is pretty luxurious in Singapore. He asks Astrid what to do, but she recommends that Rachel prepare him for a cultural shock. Nick determines that it should not be a huge deal instead of following her counsel.

Which Crazy Rich Asians character are you?

Meanwhile, Nick Young is being gossiped about among the Singapore elite. Some say she is a nobody, some believe she is a Taiwanese heiress. They’re talking about his new lover. Many rich men in Nick’s acquaintance are unhappy that Nick should marry someone who has equal social rank and riches.

Nick doesn’t know how, since he is far distant from his frugal existence as a professor in New York. To explain his enigmatic, powerful family and affluent life in Singapore to Rachel. He turns to his cousin, Astrid, for assistance and multiple times warns him to prepare Rachel for the cultural shock awaiting her in Singapore. Finally, Nick chooses not to take Astrid’s advice and firmly believes that without much he can bring his girlfriend home. Also, you will find out which Crazy Rich Asians character are you in this quiz.

Gossip circulates within the Singaporean upper crust before Rachel and Nick even leave for Asia. Rumor has it that Nicholas Young has a new buddy who takes her back home in Singapore between the extremely rich Khoo Colin and Araminta Lee for the wedding of the year. Some think that Nick’s new girlfriend is only a non-named American native Chinese girl, while some say she is a socialist Taiwanese.

Regardless of the situation, Eleanor Young, Nick’s mother is not happy. Nick should only be a socially-dated woman, as the possible hero of a vast fortune—and a member of one of the most secretive, affluent, and powerful families in Asia. In other words, he shouldn’t date any unheard of New York women.

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Although Eleanor knows nothing about Rachel, Nick’s girlfriend is certainly a money digger pursuing the fortune Nick. In hiring a private investigator for an entire background investigation on Rachel and her family, Eleanor decides to take matters into her hands and invites her best friends and children to help undermine the bond between her son.

Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians depict the narrative of Rachel Chu and her lover, Nick, a professor of history. Both work in New York City and live modest lifestyles, but Rachel’s unknown fact, Nick comes from a wealthy and strong Singapore family, a fact that she discovers when she accompanies him to the wedding. Before they depart to Singapore, the mother of Nick finds that her son brings his friend home, whom she knows to be middle class and who is a gold digger. She hires a private researcher to track Rachel, who is anxious to break her connection.

When Nick and Rachel arrive in Singapore, Nick’s family and friends abuse Rachel horribly. Furthermore, Nick’s mother has revealed from Rachel’s past, through her private investigator, dark secrets, that she tells Rachel that she is an inappropriate wife for Nicki. Rachel, therefore, learns that her dad’s not dead, as she was lead to believe, but in prison. She also discovers that the man she thought was not her father and that his mother was wanted for abduction. Rachel’s mother finally comes up and tells Rachel the secret she concealed from her for many years. Rachel connects with her mother and finally Nick, who had nothing to do with his crazy family’s cruelty.

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