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Do you enjoy BAU? If so, which character from Criminal Minds are you? Are you a profiler like Aaron or a special agent for the FBI like Spencer Reid? Perhaps you are Emily, the unit commander.

Wait, What Is the Show About?

The FBI’s Quantico, Virginia-based Behavioral Analysis Unit is the subject of the television program. The criminal drama has been on television since 2005 and has so far had 15 seasons. The aforementioned FBI agents investigate several cases during the procedural events, most of which involve serial killers.

A Mind-Bending Criminal Minds Quiz

Which Criminal Mind character are you, for example? is one of the topics the test on this page is intended to address. It analyzes your personality using BAU methodologies and compares it to the agents—and even criminals—on the show.

Editor’s Picks

Crimeology is, in the words of Jim Clemente, a former FBI profiler, “reverse-engineering the crime.” As a result, the majority of the quiz’s questions will ask you to investigate a made-up crime scene. Your responses then enable us to identify your ideal match among the cast members of the show. See more below about this.

Explaining the BAU Test

Based on the criminology and profiling techniques, we produced a Criminal Minds quiz. The objective is to identify the BAU agent who is your soul mate. However, we’d also like to know if you’re thinking something illegal.

· Checking Your FBI-ish Instincts

Would you be a good investigator, police officer, or agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation? This can be learned via the Criminal Minds quiz on this page. We are ready for you with a number of open murder, robbery, rape, and assault cases. By resolving them, you reveal your true criminology inclinations, which makes it simpler for us to match you.

· Looking for Criminal-ish Stuff

Which character from Criminal Mind are you? When faced with such a query, the majority of viewers would consider the primary cast of the program. Our test, however, also looks for bad guys and offenders. Consequently, you can wind up matching Mr. Scratch, Cat Adams, or The Reaper (some of the dangerous bad guys in the show).

· Finding Your Criminal Mind Character

Your soulmate BAU agent is revealed after we analyze your comments. Our algorithms can quickly determine your personality in the realm of FBI profilers and vicious criminals.

Which Criminal Minds Character Are You?

Do you not have sufficient time to complete the test? It’s alright. Find the main character that most closely like you after reading the descriptions of each below. That is the simplest approach to choose which character in the series best captures your personality.

#1: Dr. Spencer Reid

Spencer is currently the most well-liked character in CM, and he is performed by Matthew Gray Gubler. He is a special agent who is brilliant, analytical, and socially awkward. When asked, “Which Criminal Minds character are you?” fans would love to relate to him. That is due to the fact that he has emotional complexes yet is also incredibly intelligent.

#2: Emily Prentiss

Which Criminal Minds character are you, if someone asked you? They told her, “Emily,” to be aware that she is a natural leader. The leader of the BAY unit is Emily Prentiss. a composed, perceptive, and knowledgeable individual with managerial skills. She is the second-most admired agent in the series because to her strength, dependability, and general sense of protection.

#3: Aaron Hotchner

Thomas Gibson’s character Aaron experiences little to no change during the course of the program. He is a very serious, focused, and committed FBI profiler who is completely committed to his work. At least, it is what the majority of the episodes show. Aaron is thought to have a sentimental and laid-back side that comes out outside of the workplace.

#4: Jennifer “JJ” Jarreau

When asked which Criminal Minds character they most identify with, JJ finds attractive people. She starts off as a snarky agent but later on in the episode she becomes a prosperous profiler. JJ notices nuances that other people might overlook. She does, however, frequently struggle with her history and painful recollections.

#5: Penelope Garcia

She is the BAU’s sweetest employee. Before being apprehended and receiving a job offer as an FBI agent, Penelope was a hacker. She is a popular among the audience because she is adorable, humorous, and occasionally impulsive. It’s interesting how few people would respond, “I’m Penelope,” when asked which Criminal Minds character they identify with. So if you answered “yes” to the Black Queen in the test, take note that you have a distinctive personality.

#6: Derek Morgan

Derek was created by Emmy Award winner Shemar Moore. He adores flirting with women, especially Penelope, and is a typical maniac. When asked “Which Criminal Minds character are you?” most individuals usually respond, “I’m Derek,” and they tend to be ladies’ men. At the very least, that is how they would quickly sum themselves up.

Criminal Minds Quiz’s Character Profiles

Okay, so the crucial query is still open: who on Criminal Minds is your true love? If the information above confuses you, use the following table to find your match.

Disclaimer: The images used in the “Which Criminal Minds Character Are You?” quiz are not the property of QuizExpo. All of these images are owned by CBS.

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